Communal Sin and The Unrighteous Faithful

Injustice among the people

Rev 18: 4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, O my people, so that you may not become partakers of her sins and lest you be smitten by her plagues.[i]

With this is also the warning all that lead into bondage will be led into bondage. All that raise the sword must die by the sword.

We may not all be familiar with the term “queen for a day”, but in the normal course of a working career we all experience it. It is the inexperienced and sometimes inept person who is left in charge while the boss is away. Because of inexperience and fear of failure or unbridled ambition, this person who was before quiet and kind now acts like the sadistic overlord from a Mad Max movie.

The experienced person under this situation just rolls their eyes and shakes their head. The “queen” has forgotten it is only for the day.

There is a great BBC article by Michael Mosley called “The uncomfortable truth about mind control: Is free will simply a myth?”

The article explores the experiments of Dr. Stanley Milgrim which showed how far the average person would go because they were simply asked to. It has been repeated and repeated with the same results. Its conclusion is 65% of the average well adjusted people you know would kill you on the basis of just being asked, and you have a 1 in 3 chance of not being one of them.

Now that I have your horror and possibly your attention for the moment lets add in “the queen for the day”. The experiment also concluded that people given a particular title or responsibility from what they consider authority will carry out even brutality based on their view of the authority’s position. They may say they “do not like it but it is their job.” From the article;

There was a recent example of the continuing tendency towards blind obedience in the USA when a con man, dubbed “the modern Milgram”, made the staff of dozens of fast-food restaurants behave in an appalling fashion simply by ringing up and pretending to be a policeman. He persuaded managers to strip-search their staff in search of stolen goods, to make them jog naked, even to strip off and appear naked in front of startled customers. One manager, who strip-searched an employee and was subsequently jailed, said, “I didn’t want to do it, but it was like he was making me”.

What does this have to do with the subject at hand? In times of stress or extreme stress and from the top strata of society to its poorest, people will fall back on any position they can defend. The seemingly kind is suddenly cruel. The outwardly just turns pompous, and self serving.

When these statistics are plied in government and policing agencies they become frightening. It explains why some elected officials who take office with honorable intent i.e. to represent the people suddenly develop a new constituency. The focus becomes maintaining a status quo and direction, not honest debate or representation. If there is corruption it is multiplied.

When these statistics are applied to a people it is not frightening, it is horrific for both those who hold religion and those that do not. As we become accustomed to each new intrusion on our morals or principles they become our new norm. If history is left to judge, what has not been done in the name of decency, morality, or religion, or patriotism?  I have detailed this methodology exhaustively in the appendices section to “The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven”.

Let us be honest it is we who allow. It is we who take part. We who are Christian used to have the ultimate law. “Love your God with all your heart, strength, soul, and mind, and, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Within this is “Thou shalt not steal”; The exception is not working for a corporation or agency that you know does, but you honestly go about your work there doing all things as unto “the LORD”.

“Thou shalt not covet”; This is also authority over another with the power to abuse or lord over. Any person in authority who is Christian be mindful. It was our King who said “whoever does these things to the least of these does it to Me”. The great responsibility especially with an officer with legal or policing authority is tremendous. No Christian who understands that they also have been forgiven their own immorality, all that may be called sin, may perpetrate it on another. There is no occupation, position, or agency that can justify indecency before a Living God. None may justify “bully tactics” or intimidation before our King.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”; It is problematic that most of us even in rural areas don’t know our neighbors. Throughout history whenever a people has been tasked with the watchfulness of even a “Stop, think, connect” type of program the authorities are overwhelmed with reports that are based in neighbors feuding, neighbors being quirky, or simply different. Differences may be culture, religion, or lack of it. If we are to love our neighbor as ourselves what would we hope their conduct will be to us? In their eyes we may be quirky, or different. In times such as these we do need to be watchful, but using good judgment in what we are watchful of.

Now we hear of a Congress that wants to give immunity to those that would speak wrongly of their neighbor knowing the cost to the accused could be high. There was a famous example of this a long time ago. That congress gave the same immunity. It amounts to immunity from perjury. Its detail is found exactingly in my book in the chapter “The Trial of Jesus, King of Israel.[1]

For the religious these are 3 of 10 that comprise the core of our Royal Law. Show courage and dwell on the other 7.

It is enough that we are subjected to these things by agencies whose bread and butter are the new or latest fear. It distills down to the fear of fear, or terror of terror that may subject your quirky neighbor or you who love your country to the scrutiny driven by fear.

If after its consideration you can justify your part in these things;

Is it you that helps the robbers and those that would steal humanity from us and our neighbors? It is you also that take the two sticks, flour and oil from the widow. Is it you that has taken her employment and rendered her homeless? It is you who has helped take her house which although paid for was behind in taxes.

Is it you who treats her indecently and immodestly when she travels? It is you who takes away her humanity.

It is you Christian that will stand before our Great King and answer two questions. Did you love Him? Did you keep His Commandments? Can we justify by employment, business, or agency our involvement in stepping on another’s humanity before Him?

There is no protest possible based in this. Our judgment dictates to each of us whether we will be a people of God or not, and moral or not. Or are you willing to be counted among the majority 65% who are normal and adjusted within the terms and conditions of a stressed society.

His warning cited at the beginning of the article: ” Come out of her, O my people, so that you may not become partakers of her sins and lest you be smitten by her plagues.”[ii]

Lights in this Darkness

Many are rising out of the ashes that became their lives and with nothing are helping many. These are in fact true lights in this darkness of gorging and corruption. Some men and women showing true faith have divested their holdings to help many in need. It isn’t in the words but clarity of belief. Church leaders are found here spearheading this within Faith defined by God as True Religion.

They have found no exemption based on their importance, and you have to look for them to find them. They are too busy for accolades. They are too busy for political agendas. They simply seek justice for those who would otherwise find none.

[1] The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven

[i] George Lamsa Peshitto NT

[ii] George Lamsa Peshitto NT

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