The Religion of Barack Obama and George Bush

This page itself should be considered a primer for those trying to find sense in the actions of leaders who make great claims on faith and then act in apostate fashion.

Is Barrack Obama a Christian as he claims, a Muslim, or a possibly a Jew? If GW  Bush is a Christian how could he torure, lie, and manipulate events that still ongoing have claimed the lives of over 1 million people?

Is GW Bush a Skull and Bones Illuminati/Mason/ Luciferian, or simply a Methodist Christian as he claims?

The same despotic religious tenets reside seemingly at all levels of government and business. This madness now threatens to encompass the globe.

During this series of articles you wont see the word conspiracy pop up. This one word has been a great hinderance to a serious religious study until now. You won’t see any of the associated buzzwords, or scenarios.

What you will see is carefully documented information and not conjecture and speculations. There are enough of those floating elsewhere. These are part of a much larger selection. That particular section has upwards of 40 chapters in the book offered at the home page.

What you will see is enough to build out the basis of a true history, progression, and a complete unity where none should exist. You will see why leaders in government, business, and religion can view atrocities as manifestations of holiness, and acts required to gain entrance in paradise.

When you understand that within leadership circles there exists an all encompassing faith to which they are part and you are not it becomes easier to understand these two men who side by side and seemingly so far apart and yet complement each others presidency like no others in history.

They are in reality two bookends to their faith. One despot from the right-faith based and fundamental and the other from the philosophic/mystical left.

Before showing plainly the religions of the above presidents it is necessary to start near its early clear form.

What prompted this writing is the events worldwide that are now currently being played out show so many apparent contradictions it is becoming breathtaking.

In understanding this religion first its core values need to be addressed.

Exerpts from “The Generation of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven

Law in Messianism

The “true religion” can be shown to follow the patterns of the other Netzerim religions and gone
through periods of flux and change. A new leader can change direction or its alignment. The “king” is the
shepherd of God.

Over fifty years before Frank, Shabbetai Tzvei had taken the Jewish World in his storm, and not just the Jewish world but he made inroads in Islam and Christianity. Frank as heir had inherited it, from Beruchia, Tzevis heir. To say it was a just a religious movement is egregious and slothful. They are the sons of David. Their world was and is the bringing in of Paradise. They like those before them were concerned with the concerns of kingdom, establishing right of rule, kingdom law and its relation to God. The “son”
of David, according to all views (Christian and Jewish) is the overseer of the end of history. He is thejudge of humanity. The king answers to no one, only  God. He is messiah. He is the “son of God.”He is the Wisdom of God. He is God.

His “law” is the law of the land, and all that are in it. That is his promised possession. His is the fifth Dominion and he is the stone that became a mountain. His enemies will be crushed.

For a man, a son of David, the position at its starting point is truly political. He is a king, the son of a king.
When one takes up this mantle it is always with that in the background. What is called “true religion” is actually the establishment of their priority and law as an Emperor of the world.

This is what the Shepherd of God status means. The mantle he carries must ultimately lift the people to God and have a transcendent value. This pattern is built on Isaiah 61:1,2

Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives,
and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.”
At the Destruction of the second Temple Bar Gioras version was “freedom for the slaves and gifts for free men”.

Before this Ephesians 4:8 is a familiar example.

If it is starting to sound very familiar it should. The patterning is same as the earlier history of Jesus the Nazarene and his Apostles.

Jesus for the sake of the example gave His Law to His Apostles. They in turn taught this Law to the world.
This also is shown. They also taught the Grace of the Great King, the Son of God.

It is simply a matter of what direction the words are focused in. For Jesus it was freedom to the people with no status, the am heretz first. They through adoption were no longer subject to the conjecture and unending permeations of “law” according to the Pharisee. The Law of this King for the people was the Regal Law or Royal Law defined in Moses, and given by God. This is a very unique and Transcendent view.

At the very core of this is a simple reality. If He is your King, you live in His Law and that alone. If this sounds like anything but religious as we think about it today, you are right. The True King as shown earlier is a Despot and answers only to God. True Religion in this sense is how we answer to Him. Any and every other affectation is inconsequential and has no value. If you do not live in the kings law then you belong to another.

The patterns for Tzevi’s version in Jacob Frank, of the “true religion” follow suite because of his son of David status, Instead of freedom from bondage for the am heretz however, he freed the “noble” by allowing the forbidden. Sin was now “holy” and for a transcendent reason, the return to Paradise. The
“noble” could follow any inclination that crossed their mind.

I say the “noble” because it was the leadership within the various communities and those with elite standing that were given this gift and responsibility. With Frank’s enthusiastic reception into the Royal
Courts of Europe, it is not hard to imagine why. Everything is justified.

The enthusiasm shown by the intellectuals at the universities although at first puzzling is actually simplistic. Jacobs Cabbala took Neo Platonism another step further than that of Tzevi. Tzevi had actually
taken the larger step forward. The detail and explanation for this reasoning of this will be proven out in later chapters.

What is important at this point is showing the historical patterns, movements and the start of an amazing morphing over time. Jacob the heretic Jew was now turning into Jacob the “politico”, and most
incredibly through his apostles, would become Jacob “the evangelist”.

If the patterns I show in the chapters that follow are clear, and the information is correct, in the end he was a veritable “Johnny Appleseed” of religion, planting many different varieties and affecting many
And what is the word going forward?

Jacob Frank-“The annihilation of every religion and positive system of belief—this was the “true way” the “believers” were expected to follow. Concerning the redemptive powers of havoc and destruction

Frank’s imagination knew no limits. “Wherever Adam trod a city was built, but wherever I set foot all will be destroyed, for I came into this world only to destroy and to annihilate. But what I build, will last
forever.” Mankind is engaged in a war without quarter with the “no good” laws that are in power-“and I say to you, all who would be warriors must be without religion, which means that they must reach
freedom under their own power and seize hold of the Tree of Life.” . No region of the human soul can remain untouched by this struggle. In order to ascend one must first descend. “No man can climb a
mountain until he has first descended to its foot. Therefore we must descend and be cast down to the bottom rung, for only then can we climb to the infinite.”- Gershom Scholem Redemption Through Sin

In the words of Gershom Scholem the Judaism of tradition was now effectively broken.

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