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A small group of journalists went to Syria to ask the people about what they saw happening. The title, credit, and links to this video which has aired on NTN in Europe are at the end of the article. This is a narrative of the interviews from the original Russian.

Most importantly, they asked the Syrians the one question no one else is asking, or cares about;

What do the Syrian people want?


Days of Rage-Its not the Muslims Stupid

Since 9/11/01 Islam and more specifically a fear, and developing hatred toward Islam has been simmering on the backburner of the American psyche. We are told they want to hurt or kill us and our children. Then we are told they are a religion of peace. Then again, they want to make jihad against us, their great Satan.

Since that time we have been at war with countries that did not attack us, but probably might if given chance. We have ousted dictatorships and freed people who are not grateful for the new layer of corruption they live with but they won’t attack us because they are now our friends. They just want us to leave their countries.

If all this sounds schizophrenic, it is because it is. The actual truth of it isn’t lost on our government.