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“Frank preached that the Virgin is renewed by going to Edom, which is represented by Christianity, so that revolution comes from Edom. He viewed the religions of the world as portals through which one passes before the Redemption. What is not too well known is that two years before his and other Frankists’ conversion to Catholicism in 1759, Frank converted to Islam. In the Frankists Godhead we can find the four personalities represented by: 1. Atika Kadisha, 2. Maika Kadisha, 3. Shechina, and 4.The Great Brother. The last may account for the term “Big Brother.” The first three designations are legitimate Kabbalistic terms for mystical manifestations of God’s presence. (more…)

 This article shows the parellels between the development of the religion of Antichrist and the Religion of Jesus the Christ

The “true religion” can be shown to follow the patterns of the other Netzerim religions and gone through periods of flux and change. A new leader can change direction or its alignment. The “king” is the shepherd of God.

Over fifty years before Frank, Shabbetai Tzvei had taken the Jewish World in his storm, and not just the Jewish world but he made inroads in Islam and Christianity. (more…)