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What are the signs? Will they be religious in nature? If God has said that His flocks are in confusion this may or may not be helpful because the flock may not recognize them. Signs from God would be recognizable to the degree that they would have been recorded for His people to be sure. (more…)

“He is the new Adam, (more…)

Surviving Armageddon

To my knowledge writing on this subject has been very limited, from a duck and cover bunker mentality to an ecstatic rapture. Unfortunately neither view is helpful or useful.

First by belief I am described by philosophy as a pre-millenialist. My God will fix His world. Second the Scriptures used to show a rapture event actually show the revealed King at His coming. Those who are alive will meet Him because He has assumed open rule. Scripture is clear it is not that He will visit, He will return.

That said we need to define a few things. Why would you want to survive Armageddon?