Surviving Armagedon

Surviving Armageddon

To my knowledge writing on this subject has been very limited, from a duck and cover bunker mentality to an ecstatic rapture. Unfortunately neither view is helpful or useful.

First by belief I am described by philosophy as a pre-millenialist. My God will fix His world. Second the Scriptures used to show a rapture event actually show the revealed King at His coming. Those who are alive will meet Him because He has assumed open rule. Scripture is clear it is not that He will visit, He will return.

That said we need to define a few things. Why would you want to survive Armageddon? For many the above would be enough.

We have had over three thousand years of written expression on this subject by men who in many cases are right to fear the wrath of God. They are wrong to transfer this fear to His people.

For us the events which are the true trials of fire for all humanity are also hope. He did say “When you see these things, look up, your redemption draws close!”

My stated purpose is not to give a Bible lesson or a pep talk. This article and the related articles show how reality and Scripture collide so it is easy to speak from today’s happenings and let Scripture speak for itself. At the end your conclusion will undoubtedly be He has already put these things in your heart. The problem is that we are taught culturally a very different thing.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as they are known have always been with us. Shown in a previous article they are also known as the Four Extinctions. These Four in tandem are defined in Scripture to show finality in Gods Judgment on a land, and then all lands. God Himself says all four together is His mark for extinction of a people.

They are;

  • Perpetual war- War for wars sake
  •  The predators which have been restrained until now are let loose, large and small. Society’s protections are stripped from the citizenry. They are continually robbed and molested. The population devours itself. Protest and unrest become the norm. The population bloodies itself. Peace is a memory.
  • Famine-real or created;

Created famine includes the result of bad agricultural policy and the worst which is by a fake inflationary means for tyrannical purposes.

  • Strife, famine, disease, pestilence, and predators- death and suffering on a mass scale


     Separately they show a judgment not to extinction but to change. Recall in the Book of Daniel the writing on the wall.

What at the End of Days is described by the fearful as the Angry God is His reaction to “they have destroyed My world.” This is ultimately the why. Evil has been with us from the beginning. People destroy creation at the end. That is the Word of God.

This is always overlooked by the fearful. It is written in the Word of God also as the reason He cuts those days short. He is not willing to lose His people to their savagery. There comes a point in an Extinction Judgment you may be asked “what wouldn’t you do for a piece of bread?”

If He did not step in, mankind would die of a thousand festering wounds. Mankind’s ultimate mistake is in its advances which are good, is deciding it can be like Him, which is not.

Unknown to most people (and bear with me through the explanation) is that there are two essential religions in existence today. The church has taught that in the last days an Apostate Church would rise and there would be a “one world religion. So again bear with me for a moment.

Both describe themselves as the “True Religion.” Both are all encompassing and diametrically opposite.

For one, True Religion is mankind’s reaction to the reality of the Living God. From the beginning of Scripture to the end its description does not change.

 James 1:27 “For true religion before God the Father is this: To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

This is a static and unchanging religion throughout time and shown throughout Scripture for all that would please a living God. With the advent of our Great King its crowning and greatest feature was added. We were adopted into the family of the King, the family of God.

I will clarify this further shortly. First it is important to show this second “true religion” as it is known by its practitioners. This next statement is singly the most striking in different forms from high leadership.

“In order to achieve the most noble accomplishments, the leader may have to enter into evil.[1]

This is the founding statement of this religion. In this context the religion has carried over to the political, and in reality they are only rarely separated. For what is known as a “neo-con” this is the battle cry from the man that brought this statement into their modern political thought. Politically this is why torture, bondage, or an Abu-Graib happens. This is one side of it. They come from right, left and center but the results are always the same. A LAWLESS march toward Armageddon.  They are the Neo-Notzri, Destroyers of Worlds.

In my book I have dissected this religion in its varying facets. It is based in philosophy which defined is the Wisdom of man. Over time it has become so entrenched in religion many are unaware of it as a feature at all. For example we know our Apostles spoke against philosophy as foolishness. How then did we end up with Christian philosophy and mysticism based in the same authors, teachings, and practices as Islam, Judaism, or Hindu? For Islam, they reject all they consider paganism also. Yet both they and we have picked up the same texts.

At the university level this means if you the Muslim agree with Plato, and I the Christian agree with Plato, other than a few surface differences we agree on many things. NeoPlatonics (the combining of many philosophies) gave us even more to agree on.

For the Christian philosopher, Jesus, the eternal Word of God, is wisdom or nous. For the Muslim the Koran is the eternal Word of God, Exalted Pen, or nous.

This came about because both are in agreement inside Neoplatonism. More importantly they now had a real basis for true agreement. This is specifically on one major point and in agreement with the Council of Chalcedon. For both it is orthodox.

At this level do they need to believe Jesus is God? No, not by name, but the WORD OF GOD IS GOD and we are in a separate but equally orthodox religious view.

From here seeing an overarching religion is not hard. It carries across all major religions the same way.

The scholars and mystics teach the professors which in turn teach the pastors, who teach you, but simply it becomes the meanings of the Word of God.

On the surface we can argue politics, war, strive over which face will have preeminence, but the teachers of the teachers that taught you learn from each other and it has been this way throughout modern history, and is well documented.

With that said you no longer need waste the time to look out for this great evil, you swim in it. The exhaustive documentation required is too large for a short article so refer to my book.

How then is this survival I propose possible?

Consider these next parts carefully. In Ezekiel 14 we are shown why three men would survive Armageddon. They are Noah, Job, and Daniel. It is because of their justice under a living God. In the case of Noah if God were to burn the world to a cinder it would have to support and sustain him because God spoke. It is seen in his day a world was judged and no ground spared.

At the time of Ezekiel, Noah and Job were long buried. God spoke of people who carried their qualities or “True Religion.” This is Justice, Judgment, and Mercy.

What is this justice? In Daniel 9 it is shown in his prayer, and his care for the people. Noah is called the just man in his generation. What is this justice? What is this judgment?

In Job 29: 12 For I saved the poor out of the hand of the oppressor, and helped the fatherless who had no helper. 13 Let the blessing of the perishing one come upon me; yea, the mouth of the widow has blessed me. 14 Also I put on righteousness, and clothed myself with judgment like a mantle. 15 I was the eye of the blind, and the foot of the lame. 16 I was the father of the helpless; and I searched out the cause which I knew not. 17 And I broke the jaw-teeth of the unrighteous; I plucked the spoil out of the midst of their teeth. 18 And I said, My age shall continue as the stem of a palm-tree; I shall live a long while. 19 My root was spread out by the water, and the dew would lodge on my crop. 20 My glory was fresh in me, and by bow prospered in his hand.

Through this set of articles I have referred to this one continually. Here is the why. God’s mercy is established daily if men will take it. It is deciding to live in those simple lines above. More simply it is the Royal Law, our King’s Law. Living inside it is the token of your salvation to our King. Living something else lands you squarely in a Christianese version of the other religion. Review the requirements of our King, you decide.

If believer and unbeliever lived their lives inside Job 29 the world would not be destroyed by man. Injustice could not reign. The small would be held up. The broken mended.

Men would never stand for such a thing to happen. Today talk of these issues is about outward shows and fixing things. If brand X rules religion will see to it the justice prevails is what is preached. In reality only puts us closer to the edge, tyranny will never be tolerated forever. It only sounds good to the choir. It only sounds good to those who have been trodden underfoot for too long. They wake up after with the same or worse issues than they thought they were addressing.

In the living of this in each generation He has promised Ezekiel 14:14 And though these three men should be in the midst of it, Noe, and Daniel, and Job, they [alone] should be delivered by their righteousness, saith the Lord.

It is not in the claim of Him, but in the living of His Law that is your safety. Any other claim of safety is what makes you kindling to a world on fire. We as adopted of the Great King must shortly realize He has determined He will not lose one of His own. Not all who claim Him are His. Not all who preach about Him are His. Some of His are among those many are so willing to kill. Many of these have held His Law higher than us. Faith in Him is distilled to “If you love Me, keep My Commandments.”

We who must look at that great cloud of witnesses in Hebrews and decide if that is us, or not.

Jeremiah 50,51  detail the last days of Babylon the Great. In it the Living God issues 4 calls four calls for His people to come out of her. We know this because the ancient Babylon was not destroyed this way. It was in fact a great Christian center for hundreds of years.

Between each there is a space of time as events unfold.

At His third call to His people He says “Come out of her do not take part of her sins, lest you take part of her plagues.” In Jeremiah the description is comparable to Moses Passover and the Exodus. Your expectation should be your understanding through this set of Scripture. Moses did not speak much and even less to the people.

A prophet is raised up like Moses.  Babylon will not release His people. God releases His treasures for the destruction of Babylon and His people are freed.

There is a fourth call which is a sad one. “If you are still alive run and keep running toward your God, set your eyes to Jerusalem”. Some refuse to hear His call.

He will lead out those who are His, but do not be slack. Those who stay perish. Moving from one side of campus to another still leaves you in Babylon. No ground will be spared. That is His word.

Recognizing the day

Throughout history many cataclysms, dates, wars, or political events have fooled the world into believing the last day is here. We must be sober in our view and not driven by the hysteria of hard days. We dishonor a living God acting like fearful children.

We cannot say something written which is clearly and openly a judgment of God with physical ramifications was a spiritualized event only open to a mystic. We cannot ignore a chain of events organized by a Living God and pick or choose some and ignore others, and make others fearful.

The events at this Babylon are merely the overture to the symphony. This is the start of it and the final warning before these judgments spread. The beast from the sea must give way to the beast from the earth. Beasts (predators) abound today, more so than any day in recent memory. Large and small they are those who love the filth of injustice and the gain they make by it.

We know Babylon is early in judgment because the merchants of the earth are still in a position to morn her.

The raiser of taxes appears. This peculiar term is only used once in the Bible. He will not be killed in war and his rule is measured in days. The peculiarity of the language found in Daniel is only found in one other Scripture set Isaiah 22:1, 2[2]. Its application occurs twice in history at the destruction of both temples.

The priests in charge of the keys committed suicide realizing at the end the cost of their moral failure. The raiser of taxes takes his own life or is killed by someone close to him.

The Scripture is adamantly clear that the LAWLESS one will emerge after and this predator while offering hope to a stricken world will actually initiate its greatest injustices. He also has very distinct attributes. He is wounded in the head to death and rises again. He makes many rich. Scripture is clear that the end days do not commence without this one being made apparent to the just and faithful.

 This by no means is to say relax. It is a no brainer to say things will get worse over the next couple of years. After this there will be a run back to the Constitution. The new controls which are over society will be rolled back, but still there. People will again be optimistic and the economy will start to rebound as a result for a time. The beginning of a new era of prosperity will be sold. Unemployment will start to ease up in time for the election. Don’t relax.

What would people be willing to give to go back in time to some point before the crash of the economy?

The heavens and the earth apparent revolt against us will continue and intensify. Food shortages will be a reality. The predators will know no bounds. What has been seen is the small potatoes.

After a time, those who have been preoccupied will hear how their kind leader was wounded close to death and his faith raised him up against all odds. So close in fact his documents were marked deceased by an official who examined him. You Christian, who supported him, will hear this.

He has fulfilled all the requirements of his religion to become a god.

After this leader of Babylon takes power, Israel will go the way of the other countries of the Middle East. Its government will fall. It will be replaced by the reestablishment of the kingdom. The first king will overstep and be cut off. Jerusalem will be placed in a receivership status because it is too important to be destroyed. The second will be supported. He will build up Megiddo.

The Babylonian will unleash the “white horse” as a tenet of his faith. He cares not about beliefs as long as agreement about direction and the unity of the philosophy of religion is maintained. According to his religion he must unleash holy war on those who would oppose him as a tenet of faith. He persecutes those that maintain their faith in purity.

 The third call from God for the faithful to leave Babylon goes out through one I can only describe as “the stutterer”. He will not speak much to the people of God who would not hear him anyway. Through his word God multiplies the calamities and plagues of Babylon. It is reminiscent of the Exodus. The local ramifications are the same. Babylon itself is forced to provide the means necessary. Afterward they again follow the example of Pharaoh.

If the destruction of Sodom is looked at for example where on the plains was it safe? Was it not go, keep going and don’t look back? For those that leave it is testified that the earth itself will hide them for a time.

Babylon’s days end by decree. The Treasuries of the Living God are opened and let loose on her, coupled with the armies of the north, the armies of the east, and the groundswell from inside has left her empty, the whore has ceased. The Beast from the earth after gathering her wealth carries this judgment to the rest of the world.

The Jewish people find that at the beginning of their nation the Living God spoke truth about their end. They are offered two messiahs. They will only find their safety and true Messiah in and through “the Song of Moses” even as this is testified to in the heavens again today.

Those that have destroyed a world are gathered together at Megiddo for war and the Winepress of the Living God is tread.

The unrelenting nature of Scripture has declared Babylon will have no population after her annihilation.

[1] Michael A.Ledeen published his book, Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli’s Iron Rules Are as Timely and Important Today as Five Centuries Ago. (Truman Talley Books, St. Martins Griffin, N.Y. 1999.) …” (p. 91)“Just as the quest for peace at any price invites war and, worse than war, defeat and domination, so good acts sometimes advance the triumph of evil, as there are circumstances when only doing evil ensures the victory of a good cause.” (p. 93)

[2] “The doom of the valley of vision. What aileth thee now, that thou art wholly gone up to the roofs? O noiseful, tumultuous city, joyous town! thy slain ones are not slain with the sword, and not those that die in battle”

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