Melchizedek- the Davidic Priesthood

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Melchizedek- King and Priest without lineage

“And he will raise up for them a Teacher of Righteousness to lead them in the way of their hearts.” The Messiah is referred to here by the name ‘the Branch’: “And he will teach righteousness in the last days”. Of him it is said that God will “make his Holy Spirit known to them through his Messiah, and he will be the Truth.” Reference is made four times to the “Messiah of Aaron and Israel”. The “Messiah of Aaron” means his priestly role, and the “Messiah of Israel” his kingly status.[1] Read the rest of this entry »


The Role and import of the Kohenet in 1st century Judaism

“The proselyte went to Rabbi Joshua, who sought to appease him, saying;”Bread includes spiritual food, and raiment includes the Tallit of the learned doctors. And, when a proselyte was not only rich in material possessions but also in spiritual wealth, the High Priest himself was happy to have him marry his daughter, and he might even see his grandson officiate as the High Priest.”

Bereshit Rabbah, 70. Read the rest of this entry »

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Man, Universe and God: Religion, philosophy, metaphysics and science

Everyone has his, or her, own convictions about life, the universe, being and God. Religion asserts God’s indispensability for the presence of the universe and life. Philosophy searches for truth, and ultimate truth and it purports to demonstrate the relation ship between three enigmas: the universe, man and God.

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The Weeping Prophet

“Listen, listen”–
He mutters to me —
The book is full of beautiful
Plans and resolutions.
This fellow lived
His life in a land of most repulsive
Thieves and charlatans.

Sergei Esenyin-1925 Black Man

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There has been a mountain of writing on the subject of Genesis 6 “the sons of God.”An entire industry is fashioned around this one verse of scripture and I have found it both tantalizing and amazing as it is incredulous.

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Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dillon Thomas- Do not go gentle into that Goodnight

In his article “Moses” which contrasts Moses and Balaam, Dr. Moshe Reiss describes how the adept knows these things are possible through the reading of Scripture…”Moses and Balaam most easily show the fight of Hebraism and Hellenism in history.  On the verse in Deuteronomy [34.10] that states, “there hath not arisen a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses,” the ancient Midrash the Sifré says that this is so in Israel, but among the other nations there did arise such a prophet, and that was Balaam. Read the rest of this entry »

Is there rapture for the saints? If there is when is it? If there is, what does it mean? Read the rest of this entry »

In the next sets of articles I will answer a few of the questions I have been asked:

I will show the apocalypse in a sequential order from people who heard it from the Apostle John himself and were trusted with this and the furtherance of the true Gospel, and that for the first 300 years this is what was taught about these subjects.This will include the meaning of 666. The Apostle himself was asked in his day about this identity of the beast.

I will prove the credentials of these people to the point that if there is a true FAITH it descended from what they were taught, from both the Apostles and the “elders of the Apostles.” These were the people the Apostles themselves hand chose to teach the true religion. These were the people that All Christian tradition and thought are claimed through by all later church fathers, scholars, and leaders.

In that day without believing the teachings of these fathers of faith, you did not belong to the Christian faith or the Family of Jesus Christ.

One of these fathers was very distinctly written about in the Book of Revelation by the Apostle. He was his friend and student. He was spoken to directly by Jesus in Johns Revelation as one of the 7 Angels of the Churches.

Shown to be true, a man who is called an angel or messenger by GOD Himself and the few of the good examples to be followed in John’s Revelation should be showered in credibility through the teachings of his students over generations of Church history. His teaching that he heard from John did not change until the day of the Great Philosopher of the 4th century.

What the Apostles collectively spoke on this subject will be shown through Christianity’s oldest document, and what the grandsons of Jude (Book of Jude) had to say about our Lords return.

We will investigate the intrinsic detail of the world we are encountering and becoming before…it is…and you can account this wonder to God not me…I am a mortal and flawed man, a forgiven believer in my King, and one constantly in need of His forgiveness.

I will make no great claims for myself. That is the thing dear reader…YOU will need to decide what authority you will believe, so consider carefully.

I will thank you for your fellowship as a believer to another………that’s all.

We were once considered countrymen. We have a KING. My hope has not been to make a penny from you in your need. As we go forward you may see the most profound things I could show you, I probably have already.

I will increase the detail exponentially about who we should be, so you may well decide if I am worth listening to or not, and about our day so you may check it, as with a calendar.

Once we were a kingdom, with a King  who promised if we would keep His Word He would walk with us and talk with us. This is what we were taken away from by those who should never have been shepherds.- And now I will show …. The “religion” of In God We Trust to be a religion of another God and that the unjust people that are doing this great harm to you and our world, are better at their religion than you are at yours.

Many of  those you trust, who stand or seemingly so against the injustice you are beginning to endure, are (un)knowingly playing to it, and into it.

I have and will show the continuance of the Kingdom of Jesus and where it lies on earth. Pay heed. We used to cover the earth.

We will investigate the meaning from the prospective of God of what it an Apostate church means and who will populate it.

For the last little while I have been on information overload in this subject and truly want to drop it and speak about His kingdom and His good things. Truly…

My book will go out of print at the end of the year but will be kept available as an eBook… and later again in print.

If you wish to follow drop a line..

and thank you……..

There have been many “evil” empires throughout history. Why did this one catch Gods attention so fully? Read the rest of this entry »

What are the signs? Will they be religious in nature? If God has said that His flocks are in confusion this may or may not be helpful because the flock may not recognize them. Signs from God would be recognizable to the degree that they would have been recorded for His people to be sure. Read the rest of this entry »