Kyriakos- Living Kin of the Lord and the Apostles


There is no better way to debunk myth or even fiction than to provide a truth.

The Desposyni or kin of the Lord are the families of the brothers, sisters, and cousins of Jesus the Christ. They were given the unique last name or surname Kyriakos. They were the families of the King or inline royal.

 If the Scriptures and related histories are viewed in context of pure history the family of the inline royal (Desposyni) were sent as governors to the various regions of the world much the same way Constantine sent his sons the Caesars to rule regions that were far from him. First these royals (children of the Apostles) with regal standing were sent out to receive their kingdoms as princes. Afterward with the practice of local rule was established (governors/Bishops) and upheld because of the fast spread and early vastness of the kingdom. The Desposyni took rule over the major footholds.

The “church” was a different organism than it is viewed to be today. It was community and regions, had its own court system, and social support structures. It ran exactly like a nation or kingdom overlaid on the various nations it set in. At the earliest times we see the 12 Apostles who spread the message of the great King. They never interfered with the nations they were set in but the Kingdom ran alongside them. For the first time in history small people had access to the Living God themselves.

This very provably was worldwide in the  generation of the Apostles who wrote our Scripture. This is shown from Justin Martyr through the 4th century in the writings of Lactantius. There were no buildings (churches), sacerdotal aspects played its part in this theonomy but the focus was the community.

The next generation shows more Apostles attached to James the Just, such as Barnabas who traveled with Paul. Each generation steward king sent out Apostles to make certain that the right of the poor was upheld, that mercy prevailed, and to cease injustice among people.

The Laws of the Kingdom were taught. This is also reflected and shown as every royals duty down till today through Shabbetai Tsvi (sent out 12 apostles), Jacob Frank(sent out his apostles). Regardless of holy or lack of it this is a feature of the royal.  The apostle or sent one spread the proclamation, and taught the law of the king they were attached too.  The detail of this is shown when you review the various articles on my site

In Rome these families’ were the hereditary early Popes. During the few hundred years before Constantine the position had a life expectancy of about 2 years. They were ordinary people like you and me who stood up and protected the flocks of God, would not deny the Gospel of Truth, and one after the other lay their lives down for that cause. In a large part they are a reason any form of the Christian faith exists today.

If they were alive today these ordinary people would have an amazing heritage. If the histories in the “Argument for the Sake of Heaven” at the top of my homepage are considered this family has had some of the most holy and most evil men and women in the history of the world, and they have changed our world in very profound ways. 

The myth of a “DaVinci Code” family of Jesus has been circulating since the time of the gnostics and can be put to rest, and Dan Browns’ work of fiction can be labeled as just that fiction.

Historically Mary Magdelane did marry marry “a Jesus”, Jesus Justus of Rome who was a cousin of our Saviour and His brothers. The Desposyni (kin of the Lord) are the families of our Lords brothers, sisters, and cousins. At the earliest times of the faith these families were set over the churches as governors (bishops), designated by the Apostles to keep legitimate rule and justice among the Christian peoples.

Shown here is a little of that information showing the name changes by country and region and links to much more.

The compiler of this information is by descent from the Roman Desposini families. He has graciously allowed me to link to his work which speaks for itself, has been carefully documented over the space of 40 years and is ongoing. It is also his desire that people are introduced to these histories and their source documents.

When I was researching the Kyriakos family in history for my book it had been my intent to show it through the 8th century. When I came across his work and vetted it, I deleted the references from my book. Ben Ciriacs work should be the authorative source. Accordingly, Mr Ciriacs wish until genetic testing is complete is to view the information as conjecture. That alone should show the serious nature of his research.

If our God could bring these who are historically the most hunted families through time until today He can and will see us through till His coming.

 The greatest buster of myth is a living proof. Simply review and vett the information provided at the links below, and then vett it again. some of it is breathtaking.

                           /  Kyriaki=Kiriaki /           Greece            kiriaki=sunday
                / Kyriacou<   Kyriako -kou   /            Turkey
               /  Kyriakus \  Kyriaco        \            Cyprus
              /             \ Kuriacou        \           (eastern
             /               \Quryaqos         \Heryaqos    Mediterranean)
    Kyriakou<                   / Cyriac Chi-Leah                  India China
             \                 / Cyriaque                          Indonesia
              \               / Cyr                                France
               \             /Ciriaks=Ciliax=Zilges=Zullich=Zulch  Rome, Italy
                \           / Ciriaci                              Germany France Africa
                 \ Cyriacus<  Cyriaco=Ciriaco                      Spain England Philippines
                   Cyriaci  \ Cyriax                               (northern
                             \Cyriacks=Ciriacks/ckes(?Sierich?)      &western
                              \ Ziriacks=Zirjacks                                    Mediterranean)

                               \Nedelea=Nedelja=Nedelya=Nedjelja—Balkans  nedelja=Sunday

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