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“You have forgotten the face of your father”- Steven King “The Dark Tower” (more…)

“The Gentiles (who are designated Esau or Edom), however, will suffer the opposite fate. They received their light in this world at a single stroke, but it will depart from them gradually until Israel (Cabbala) shall grow strong and destroy them. And when the spirit of uncleanliness shall pass from the world and the divine light shall shine upon Israel without let or hinderance, all things will return to their proper order–to the state of perfection which prevailed in the Garden of Eden before Adam sinned.The worlds will all be joined one to another and nothing will separate Creator from creature. All will rise upward by ascents of the spirit, and creatures will be purified until they behold the Shekhinah”eye to eye””.- The Messianic Idea in Kabbalism Gershom Scholem (more…)

“He is the new Adam, (more…)

This article details changes made to religion to suite those that follow the “Torah of Atzilut” whether it is Christian in form, Jewish, or Muslim. The changes should not be limited to the examples given. The litmus is simple. Look at Scripture and ask yourself “how many addtional doctrines, practices, traditions do I observe that are not mentioned there?” (more…)

This article describes the religion of the elite, whether the facade is Christianity, Judaism, or Islam and how it is spread. (more…)

Article detailing why religion if once perfect changes so much,how this is done even if the Scripture were to not be tampered with, and  how this leads to the last days religion. (more…)

 This article shows the parellels between the development of the religion of Antichrist and the Religion of Jesus the Christ

The “true religion” can be shown to follow the patterns of the other Netzerim religions and gone through periods of flux and change. A new leader can change direction or its alignment. The “king” is the shepherd of God.

Over fifty years before Frank, Shabbetai Tzvei had taken the Jewish World in his storm, and not just the Jewish world but he made inroads in Islam and Christianity. (more…)

Article detailing why even in the Great Temple Jesus had more power than a sitting High Priest. This should clarify why the highpriest would not openly go against Him. (more…)

 Article showing the origin of the magic and spiritism that was overlaid on all religion (more…)

 Article detailing the specifically Christian Kabbala certified before and during the reformation by theologians and normalized for the faith. (more…)