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Rep. Peter King- Finding Radicals or Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

…Or Wheres Waldo…


In the aftermath of the House of Representatives opening hearings on radical Islam and the US Senates hearings on Muslim civil rights we are still left with the problem defined by Chairman King, how do we find the radical?

With regards to the Senate hearings, if we even need to have a hearing on whether there is a prejudice against a group of people rest assured there is.

How do we define the radical that is dangerous to our way of life?

Foremost the term itself is as subjective as one can get. Galileo in his time was also radical. Understood this way it is not just the militant but the thinker outside the box, or norm. This kind of thought was what our country was founded on, and offered protection to.

To get to the radical we need to define what the norm is. As a radical example the Civil Rights Movement was for the KKK as anti-American and anti-Exceptionalist as could be fathomed. For that type of group that is the reasonable assumption from the group norm.

Depending on what values are held we have very different views on radical and the norm for our society.

Mike Huckabee is an example of the norm;

Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla captured the most outrageous endorsement yet. Introduced by David Barton, Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AK)    HUCKABEE: I don’t know anyone in America who is a more effective communicator [than David Barton.] I just wish that every single young person in America would be able to be under his tutelage and understand something about who we really are as a nation. I almost wish that there would be something like a simultaneous telecast and all Americans would be forced, forced — at gun point no less — to listen to every David Barton message. And I think our country would be better for it. : All Americans Should Be Forced at Gunpoint to Listen to David Barton.- Rediscover America Conference  [1]

On a recent trip to Israel in support of the Israeli settlements and his presidential aspirations Michael  Huckabee compared stopping the building of settlements to a Christian in the USA being told where to live, he just could not understand it.

I myself would ask this Baptist minister why he would tell the Christian local population they need to move because they are Palestinian. Does he know our faith started here?

This is the norm.

A great book to help find radicals is George W. Bush‘s memoir, “Decision Points.” Clearly written it shows the justification for the deaths of over a million people and the torture of many. It also shows what radicals are from the position of the norm.

This also is the societal norm.

“Known and Unknown”  by Donald Rumsfeld also sheds light on the norm and supports the former presidents position and written by the man who legalized and popularized that beneficial nutrient Aspertame, that is saying something.

A US Border Patrol agent was recently in the news for running guns to the Mexican drug lords because he was ordered to.

This is again the norm.

Secretary Norman Maneta’s testimony to the 911 Commission shows the radical inside government and why they cannot even trust each other’s word or testimony. Go figure.

Senator Joseph Lieberman’s position and statement that Americans who “choose to become affiliated” with terrorists overseas should automatically lose the rights that come with being a citizen. This should be ignored.[2]

The statement should be considered misspoken and off the cuff. After all with support for the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt who now ban protests and the non-fighting Libyan/non Al Qaeda freedom fighters whose ties our government is in the process of vetting to Al Qaida, we would have to deport too many government officials.

I would suggest not opening that can of worms. The American people can no longer afford the plane fare. Having the support of the Al Qaida CEO is disturbing and embarrassing at best.

“2008 Strategic Implications of American Millennialism -A Monograph by MAJOR Brian L. Stuckert U.S. Army: Pre-millennialist Christianity is a danger to the country and its future”.

This seminal paper quite critically shows with regard to Homeland Security what the radical is. The official government position now includes what used to be called a Normative Christian faith. With that in mind Representative King pick up a copy of my book, you’ve found a radical. Easy no…

Pastor Terry Jones enjoys the distinction of being what Major Stuckert would call super normal. In truth this is a heretic to good sense, good manners, and a Christian faith that says “Love your neighbor as yourself.” As bloody as he has made others hands to be, so his hands are also. Who is being killed? People who try to call for a moderate response are.

A little ahead of the curve, but soon becoming normal.

The justice shown in building a stronger relationship with a country whose overstuffed Smeegalesque leader’s new precious is chocolate, a true Tolkien travesty. Over 1000 civilians have been killed by Smeegal’s raiders… err… excuse me freedom fighters.

It is also in its varying shades the norm.

There is talk of technology being rolled out that gauges intent to do evil. Representative King, reconsider this one. I’ve seen photos of you and you are a very intense looking man. I have the same problem. With that type of technology they won’t let either one of us into 711. What will this mean? No Slurpee for you.

We are now immersed in Stanley Milgrim’s great experiment. Christian look at my article “Communal Sin and the Unrighteous Faithful. We are now normal. He showed unequivocally that the sixty five percent of people who are normal would kill you simply because they were asked.

That is the norm.

So then dear reader what and where is the radical?

It used to be as simple as looking in the mirror and questioning existence but no more.

The world itself seems to be turned over in this new Frankist civility. What the norm is used to be the uncouth and radical. The freedom fighters Chairman King is said to admire in Ireland or a good means and methods imitator just lit off a car bomb reminding the Irish of those glory years the Homeland Security chairman so fondly admires.

The above is why the radical is seldom or never found. What was in a different day considered over the top and radical is now our norm. The radical is simply the dinosaur living in the old civility, and a different morality.

Don’t lose hope Chairman King. There is a book that was written specifically to help weed out the radical. Although older it has gone through various versions, updates and remains the premiere primer to find a potential terrorist.

Written in 1987 for your purposes there is none better, after all a Congressman is a busy legislator and information must be concise and punchy, and timeless.

This compendium should be required reading for all TSA and Homeland security personnel. Written by Martin Handford it is entitled “Where’s Waldo?”

On every page after Waldo is spotted you may insert any picture you desire over his face and you have found your radical!

This week Muslims, next week Blacks, or maybe born again Christians. You could have a Catholic week or even devote a month to Osama bin Laden!

Anyone who questions, anyone who disagrees, anyone outside the norm can now be found.

Some restraint will of course need to be shown, after all one of your successors may have a picture of you.

“Where is Waldo” Chairman King? I hope anyone reading this sends you a copy or asks you that question. Just something to think about.

[1] Huckabee: All Americans Should Be Forced at Gunpoint to Listen to David Barton- OpEd News, Huffington Post

[2] If an American citizen is accused of terrorist associations, he/she would lose citizenship status before a conviction? In Lieberman’s vision, the defendant is punished and then gets due process? — Steve Benen, Washington Monthly

How is it conclusively proven that this person was working with a foreign-based organization? What if they’re wrongfully accused? What’s the standard of proof? — Alex Pareene, Salon

For starters, what would distinguish a member of al-Qaida from a domestic terrorist? Could a homegrown terrorist like Timothy McVeigh be denied citizenship rights? — Sam Stein, The Huffington Post

What extra benefit is there from doing this? The only thing I can think of is that it’d make Shahzad eligible for a military tribunal, but why we need to do that when federal court has always been good enough for citizens charged with treason escapes me. — Allahpundit, Hot Air

The Death of My Country; Barrack Obama and the Black Swan Politic

I have been watching the news intently the last couple of days. I have been searching the news for hope that it wasn’t true. My country has perished. Its founding documents belong under glass like the relics that they are, museum pieces to be admired.

“Black swans are supposed to be inherently unpredictable. They’re the “unknown unknowns” of the investment world—extremely rare events that most consider impossible if not inconceivable. We all worry about tax reform, and then, boom, a few planes hit major American landmarks. (Which happened.) We all worry about Iran getting nuclear weapons, and then, boom, a nuclear power plant goes Chernobyl in Pennsylvania. (Seems improbable, but that’s the point).”[1]

The Black Swan event I am writing about isn’t limited to economics although the world now wonders openly how every miserable event globally bumps up and shores up our currency. Recently since the Wall Street collapse every catastrophe globally spikes our currency and is what is shoring it up.

The Black Swan I am writing about is our complete institutionalizing of the War on Terror to the point we are now handing over countries to groups in league with Al Qaida.

In my previous article “Days of Rage; Its not the Muslims Stupid”[2], written ahead of Rep Peter Kings Hearings on Muslim radicalization I gave a baseline and litmus test to show Al Qaida cooperative elements within the framework of our government.

The baseline proof is simply the nature of the governments installed after “a day of rage.” As predicted in the article every one of them supported by the US has had its leadership co-opted and is tied directly to the Qutbist Al Qaida.

In Egypt the emerging Muslim Brotherhood recently released (# two Al Qaida man) Simon al Zawaheri’s brother from prison.

In Libya the Black Swan is openly evident. Within the framework of the War on Terror, the Presidency has been dragged into a war to support and turn over another country to our supposed enemy Al Qaida.

According to the Guardian an Al Qaida spokesman on Libya “We only came out to defend you against these despots who usurped your rights, plundered your wealth, and prevented you from having the minimum requirements of a dignified life and of freedom and human dignity.”[3]

According to Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense; The Pentagon chief had cautioned early on about getting involved in Libya’s civil war, telling Congress that taking out Libya’s air defenses was tantamount to war.[4]

Secretary Gates also expressed concern about the rebel factions ties to Al Qaida.

Ghaddafi has expressed this a few dozen times now. Although no prize himself, and I am not a supporter of his, was this the only way forward? Recently he released from prison the brother of Osama bin Ladens spokesman who is a rebel leader. Sufian bin Qumu, a rebel leader in Darna, north-east of Benghazi, was once Osama bin Laden’s chauffeur.[5]

The articles and sourcing just go on and on. The ultimate political Black Swan is the setting up of Qutbist nations for the perpetual War on Terror and the profit to be made from it.

The President while on vacation has declared a war he should not have been able to. Will a clear enough majority in Congress censure him and maintain a separation of powers? I don’t think so. While some of the braver elements of his own party are standing up given the gravity of the situation, most will instead seek how it can profit them personally which is par for the course.

Mr. Obama has taken gravely poor advice and the Republicans will no doubt support him until the rug can be pulled out from under him to the hurt of the country and people.

This why I have stated our country has died. In their zeal for a perpetual war on terror neocons now cooperate with our enemy to the point that if the rebellion in Libya succeeds the US will have successfully become the largest supporter of Al Qaida in the world having handed two countries and three peoples into the hands of this vile philosophy[6].

We are no longer a country; we are a gang marauding through the world. The world at best is starting to see us like this.  At worst we are starting to be viewed like a rabid dog blinded by bloodlust. They, the people of the world will only hide indoors until they realize it needs to be put down. It is ultimately about existentialism, existence[7].

Today there is open talk among foreign political analysts about when the US will fire the first shots of WWIII, not if it will.

If we love our country today is the day to speak up and weigh in, and here’s why.

If the president can not declare an offensive war because it is the responsibility of Congress, are the orders given to the military legal orders? What kind of position does this put our service men and women in?

Does this put our country in the position to be seen as a state sponsoring terror, not if but when this comes back to bite us?

Are we willing to institutionalize the evil done by the previous administration and perpetuate it as policy?

Have we forgotten 9/11? We were Americans back then.

If all we have left is the dollar to be made by the bank, the kickback, or the corporation, our time is passed. That is the saddest commentary of all.

[1] Once a black swan event happens, all of that other little stuff you normally care about as an investor—whether it be valuations, interest rates, or profit margins—ceases to matter, or at least matters much less. And as we discovered during the financial crisis, hitting a high-impact, improbable event results in almost all traditional asset classes losing value.

[3] Libya rebels rejects Gaddafi’s al-Qaida spin

[4] Robert Gates: Libya Mission Handoff In Days, U.S. Will Not Have ‘Preeminent Role’-Huffington Post

[5] A Civil War Beckons- The Economist

[6] Days of Rage- Its not the Muslims Stupid-, and

[7] The Military’s Enhanced Utility of the Living God-GH Eliason; Scribd- Article detailing the changes being made to the US Military to perpetuate a crusading army

What if the government could co-opt religion openly in plain view without your knowledge. This article shows proofs the govenment subversion of religion. Its intent is to describe how it is done and the changes to all faiths.