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For the last few years there has been a great build up to 12-21-2012, the year of the Mayan Apocalypse. The world is going through catastrophic changes in weather, signs of the times, like earthquakes, floods, super storms, and disasters at an unprecedented scale.

Many are making preparations for the end of the world, the Apocalypse. Preparations have included Preppers storing provisions, building or buying bunkers, and all the way at the other end of the spectrum, openly welcoming a titanic change in the world we know.


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Surviving Armageddon; The Sealed Books are Open– is the book that definitively shows the family name of Anti-Christ without all the acrobatics, and juggling of Scripture normally associated with this. The largest problem and stumbling block has been trying to pull or manufacture a name out of 666.


There has been a mountain of writing on the subject of Genesis 6 “the sons of God.”An entire industry is fashioned around this one verse of scripture and I have found it both tantalizing and amazing as it is incredulous.


There have been many “evil” empires throughout history. Why did this one catch Gods attention so fully? (more…)

 Throughout time there has been endless speculation concerning the fulfillment of times. We are immersed in end-time prophesy and speculation from people who seek our best interests and people who don’t. The amount of confusing and conflicting information is at this point too large a volume to sort through. For the average person it is left alone, and the end time has gained the notoriety of hell on earth. (more…)

To my knowledge writing on this subject has been very limited, from a duck and cover bunker mentality to an ecstatic rapture. Unfortunately neither view is helpful or useful. (more…)

AKJV; Daniel 11:20Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

Because you have promised justice and judgment, because you rode a wave saying you would bring peace and mercy to the poor and defenceless you have been weighed, you have been judged.

Your justice has been in favor of the beasts who have their teeth on the bleeding neck of a dying world.

Your judgment has been that the evils you spoke against to gain position are now multiplying under your hand, a killer of children.

Your mercy is the bullet from a gun, the rendition of innocence, an exquiste torture

You will be seen as a man who chases knats around a room. A man who swings furiously clubbing the air spewing venom and offering peace. A man who looks insane.

Libya is your high point and Syria is your trap. You have caught yourself o wise philosopher.

You will seek smaller and smaller prey to assauge your ego and the lambs need to beware.

A vile and violent man who wars with the defenceless even at home.

O powerful man destroyer of the weak and wounded in this you are judged

You will not be honored as your predecessors, and no enemies hand will touch you

You will not be given that distinction of honor or service

But you will not finish your time nor days and in this your corruption and dishonor shown

What if the government could co-opt religion openly in plain view without your knowledge. This article shows proofs the govenment subversion of religion. Its intent is to describe how it is done and the changes to all faiths.