The Generations of AntiChrist

This book is an indictment against the philosophers that have trampled on true religion. It is an argument against the changes they have made and are making today. These changes are at the core of the troubles we face and are exposed for just that for all to see.

Whether you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim through your own histories the complete changes to your religion is documented. Within each faith the documented existence of a higher and lower religion is both documented and defined.

Its practice today and through history is the justification used to trample on you and all peoples.

Does your religion allow you to combine it with the practices associated with the ancient Greek Temples?  Do they Muslim? Christian?

Have all our faiths been reconciled into one faith? Can they be?

In this book is the inarguable evidence for all to see. At the higher end they are not reconciling, but reconciled. There exists One overall Combined Faith, and you are taught its tenets.

This book details not ritualism, but the practical theology, and practical philosophy that have brought us to a place in history where all three religions at the high theological end accept and study how a man may become a god. Detailed is why they wish to start the End of Days.

Detailed is why you will endure the Day of Rage or for the Christian The Last Day.

This is why I have named their religion  the Neo Notzri/ the Destroyers of Worlds.

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