What if today it could be shown provably that the great One World Religion of Armageddon had arisen in our midst? What if its history was rather long and its true inner nature could be cited and shown in history?

What would you say if all the events around you from the revolutions to the financial meltdowns were proved to part of its revealing?

At this blog you will find that information available as well as what it means to humanity as events move in real time. Many of the facets read here were written a few years ago before any of this had any importance to the average person.

Knowing about it is not knowing what to do about it. I promise that information is also here. Free, to any people who pin all their hopes on the Living GOD.

The most concise view of the Religion of the Beast is by analogy.

“If 20 men who dont know each other from different places, and different backgrounds are asked to describe a city they have never been to based on name alone there won’t be many similarities.

If 200 men who dont know each other, from different places, and different backgrounds are given the same texts on how to build a city with street layouts, building design, monuments, infrastructure, homes, government buildings, and all the things that make up a city;

The similarities will be striking.

So much so that if they got toget’her to visit it it would be the same city, and they would thank God for providing this “Universal Wisdom” for all men…- The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven

This city or religion has been built around you and today they rejoice.

Welcome to the last days. The purpose of this site is not to preach to the choir. The information here is as valuable to the non-religious as it is to the Jew, Muslim, or Christian. The issues are current, not a future by and by.
It is a discussion showing a purposeful march into the end of days.

In great strides the drivers of these events show the willingness to sacrifice people, all people on the altar of change. This brinksmanship is documented in todays events at a global scale today.

Shown on these pages is the indictment of all of us. Whether non-religious, Jewish, Muslim, or Christian as I am. These issues could not have risen without our consent and our active support.

For the non-religious it should be your fear of what science has termed “the Great Filter Event.” They see this as something we are fast approaching.

For the religous I offer all faiths a slice, a still picture showing that our faiths have ALL been coopted and corrupted. It is because we allowed this we are being funneled into a world of holy war, and the end of days.

This will be done through the inspection of real-time events, movements, and policies linked with real proofs and not speculation.

For the non religious this information is where my discussion ends. The subject articles here affect your life and future. For those that regard the LIVING GOD it begins here. Stated earlier these articles are just a small slice and are geared to show this through my own faith and happenings. The implications for all others are clear enough.

Separately I have written the proofs and an argument against the further changes happening daily contained in the book- The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven.

Detailed in the book you will find;

Whether Jewish, Muslim, or especially Christian the history of the perversion of your faith is detailed through the centuries. We are all at a point where those who were at the origins of faith would no longer recognise us.

For all three faiths it is clear that there is a higher and lower religion within each faith. I have documented them and show why you were not invited. Each faith has gone through complete changes. These can be seen clearly in history.

For the Christian you will see the reality of the first early church that no one seems to be able to get back to, and why.

For the Jew, documented in your own rabbinic scholars writings that your faith is younger and it was not a rejection of Jesus as Messiah that caused our splitting off. The number  of changes a faith can go through are shown, as well as the motivators of those who wish your hurt.

Documented in an unequivicable fashion is that both religions split off from the Religion of Israel, the Religion of the Apostles of Jesus Christ and became something else.

Documented through time is that our Holy Books have been altered in meaning, and in some places actual text.

As an example for all three religions ask yourself these two questions;

May a man declare himself god within your faith? Within your faith why are you allowing this to happen today?

This site is not an attempt at evangelism. Nor is it an attempt to persuade you to a cause. You who are literate read the articles and judge. The purpose, my purpose is to call a people back to the simple truth of their God, and prepare them for days they are in.

If you care to try to justify the “ISM” you are in I suggest you read my argument first. I contend it is the “ISMs” that brought us here. At least you will be better informed of your beliefs. Stubborn people are the backbone of good religion but only so far as it is what you know as, and hold as honest truth. Haranguing people who don’t care for the truth, whatever it may be are simply foolish.

To that end I have linked to a few “search through the book features”, so people who may not be able to afford it may view at least parts at a time and weigh in. It is broken down into a very chapter specific focus.

Detailed here are a snapshot of the events, and makeup of the Last Days. This also is detailed in the everyday happenings around you. Through the blog articles and materials being made available in a no nonsense fashion questions surrounding the End of Days will be answered such as ;

What are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse or four Extinctions? How do you recognise them? How will you know who the Antichrist is? Can you survive Armageddon?

For the Jew, Muslim, or Christian, these subjects have slightly varied meanings with regard to what we have been taught. It is still the responsiblity of all faithful peoples in this time to maintain justice, judgment and mercy both to our own and each other knowing there is a Living God, and HE will judge us accordingly.

My desire is to show the faithful they need not be afraid but prepared as our King has said.

  1. Grace says:

    You’re blogging has really come on when I look back over previous posts. Actually I arrived here from a forum on an unrelated topic. Worth surfing sometimes. Thanks.

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