FSA-Rise of the Hashishi Assassins

Posted: January 20, 2013 in ARTICLES
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Do Revolutionary Armies still have a moral obligation not to destroy the people they free?

Throughout history there has always been an attempt to glorify the invincible warrior state. From the Persian Immortals to the glorified Spartans, the fear of every peaceful nation and people is the overwhelming power of a hyper advanced military machine.

Imagining Horror- The Rising Super-Soldier

What would you do when this army came promising freedom?

They feel no pain. Nothing hurts them or slows them down. They don’t sleep. They don’t eat. They just keep coming. They know no mercy or morals. They don’t negotiate.

The only way to stop them is to kill them; and according to the myth that surrounds them; you can’t.

The freedom they deliver to you is from the pain they inflict, the relief that comes with death.

The Islamic Experiments

The Nizari Ismailis were a Shia splinter group that formed around the time of the first crusades. By the 11th century this group made murder and terror holy virtues within their brand of Islam. By the 12th century, in the west they were known as the Assassins, the followers of the Old Man of the Mountain. The named derived from the Arabic word “hashishi” which means people of lax morals or rabble.

They were renowned for running headlong into death laughing, and even when they were mortally wounded never slowing down. They knew no bounds, just murder. They spread throughout the Islamic world and made spectacles out of the death of their enemies.

The Islamic world answered the question of whether jihadists allegedly drugged to fearless stupor were making holy war or political murder. From the time of Saladin they were hunted as lawless murderers and heretics.

The ‘Faithful Brothers of Basra’ were the Ikhwan as Safa, the ‘Sincere Brethren’, a group of Ismaili (a Shiah subgroup) Muslims whose great tenth century AD work was their Rasa’il (Letters), an encyclopedic undertaking that attempted to make available the knowledge of the time, including what we would call esoteric or metaphysical knowledge. They considered themselves heirs to the most ancient wisdom of Pythagoras and Hermes, which the Sufis also say is identical with their tradition.”The Jewish Encyclopedia 1901

Their beliefs were uncompromisingly Western.

Christian Europe’s Response

The crusading kings of Europe were enthralled with the idea of re-creating invincible, murderous warriors for themselves.  In the 12th century, the only truly successful crusade happened in part due to this.

The Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II sent letters to the Assassins. He was coming. They escorted him to Sultan Al-Kamil in Egypt. Part of this discussion was on their similar views of Religion, Christian and Islamic religion and mysticism were both at that early time steeped in Pythagoras and Hermes, a Neo-Platonic melting pot.

The Bloodless crusade over tea made Frederick II, king of Jerusalem. The only true difference between the beliefs of the rulers was politic.

Unleashing the Dogs of War

Since that time all of the world’s governments have experimented with ways of re-creating the Assassin. Enhanced warfare is no longer the future, it is today. We can even do this by proxy. After all information, is free. Non- lethal support keeps revolutionaries alive.

Taking this queue the FSA, has created its own version on these lines. Kill without question, rape without sorrow, the drug and sectary induced violence against the old and very young in Syria is every day.

According to a defector from the FSA, the FSA started by putting drugs in their tea. They handed out pills to give them more energy. According to the defector the pills made him want to go and shoot up the world.

In skirmishes with Assad’s military it became apparent very quickly that there was something very different about the FSA. Blood tests done after skirmishes started showing drugs in the fighter’s bloodstreams.

During skirmishes the FSA militias just keep coming. It didn’t matter how many times they were shot, as long as they can move, they keep coming. Screaming, laughing and bleeding, there is no fear. There is no pain. There is no understanding that they are severely wounded or dying.

Normal people are buying or finding grenades where they can; suicide is the only hope many have to avoid the horror of torture at their hands.

The FSA is accused of atrocities that are beyond the scope of imagination.  According to RTR news reports in Russia, one pregnant woman in her third trimester was sliced open and her unborn child used as a ball in an FSA soccer match. The FSA still routinely grab people on the street and execute or dismember them publicly to dispel dissent.

The New Assassins and the old Men of the Mountain

We have witnessed the morphing of this new type of fighter through the entire Arab spring. After they have won the ground, it is insisted their sister the Muslim Brotherhood takes the reign of government. The ties of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are now too open to dismiss.

The western philosophical bent of these inseparable groups shows the destructiveness of its hand openly.  According to John Reilly at the Seventh Annual Conference of the Center for Millennial Studies “…we should note that recent Islamicist terrorists quote Evola with facility.” Evola was an Italian esoteric Facist. To keep it simple their beliefs mirror the Ismaili/Assassin beliefs in Pythagorean and Hermetic Mystical Philosophy.

In an article titled “Terror, Islam and Democracy,” Ladan and Roya Boroumand correctly state that “Most young Islamist cadres today are the direct intellectual and spiritual heirs of the Qutbist wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Ayman al-Zawahiri the Al Qaeda leader was an imprisoned leader of this group. The Muslim Brotherhood released his brother upon gaining power in Egypt.
The Trojan horse has brought to Syria the twisted image of drug induced murderers and torturers, which are now, celebrated heroes. How many other countries should get a taste the freedom the Syrians now enjoy?

It would seem that the Western powers did succeed in their quest to re-produce the Hashishi after all.

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