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Surviving Armageddon; The Sealed Books are Open– is the book that definitively shows the family name of Anti-Christ without all the acrobatics, and juggling of Scripture normally associated with this. The largest problem and stumbling block has been trying to pull or manufacture a name out of 666.

The number 666 describes what antichrist’s name means to the people living in the time of the devils son, but not how to spell it. Because of this, the teaching that shows how people in the last day will know his name has been ignored. This is material hiding in plain sight.

It is shown plain and understandable for every person.

Chapters such as “The Rise and Rule of the Nephilim, TITAN the Antichrist, Signs, Wonders, The Apostate and the Righteous, and Why the Tribulation is Necessary” will show the inside of the Great Tribulation, and Armageddon in real terms. For those that want to know the truth about the timing of the rapture this is a must.

From the Books of Enoch a lot of concern has risen as to what, and where, the Nephilim are?

The chapter on the rise of the Nephilim it is detailed, as well as the horror they are wreaking on mankind.
Why and where Babylon the Great will fall is detailed.

In great detail that can be checked in real time, the factors showing the rise of Antichrist, and prophesies that prove the current events of our world are at this focal point of history. The ignored prophesies in the Bible that details the world just before the advent of Antichrist are opened. These include prophesies of the world leader who comes directly before the son of the devil, and the destruction he brings. This leader causes the problems that Antichrist promises to cure.

Subjects such as why there must be a Great Tribulation, and the only way Christians can prepare for it are covered exhaustively.
Surviving Armageddon; The Sealed Books are Open- details the world within this time-frame and provably through the writings of those who listened to the Apostle, and John himself told its meaning. The authority of these 1st Church leaders is verified. Their only reason for writing was so people living in that day, our day, could prepare and be protected by God. The Sealed books are now open. You will never need to wonder what was meant in Daniel, the Revelation, or the other prophecies again.

This book was written so our people would no longer have to go into this day blindly and fearfully of what will come. The last day of history is the most glorious day of His church. Amen.

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