Jesus Married? THE PROOF!

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Beyond the presentation of a 4th century papyrus fragment that’s on its way to being disproven, was or could Jesus be married? It must be concluded with proofs.

The implications are staggering. If Jesus married maybe there is something to the Da Vinci Code. Maybe a stray savior is running around today, or was it another nice story, a tale like Santa?

To get to real answers it has to be real history, sharply attuned to both the Temple Law, Laws of the Kings of Israel, as well as custom and culture of the period. Outside of the Bible did these people actually exist?

If Jesus was recognized as King in Israel, who could He actually marry?

tSanhedrin 4:10 gives the stipulation with regard to marriage- a King of Israel must marry the daughter of a priest. This didn’t mean any priest except the High Priest who alone in Israel was considered close to his class. This limited the options for marriage greatly. The name of Caiaphas should come to mind.

Was Jesus recognized in this period as the sole Davidic King in Israel? At the time of his birth even the exhilarchs(Davidic descendents left in Babylon who were kings over the diaspora) lines had ceased. There were no contenders.

Mt 26:55b I sat daily with you teaching in the temple, and ye laid no hold on me”

“When the king is present, all the people stand, and he keeps seated. (And none may sit in the temple courtyard except the kings of the house of David.) And all the people maintain silence when he speaks. He used to address them: “My brethren and my people,” as it is written:  HEAR YE, MY BRETHREN AND MY PEOPLE: while they address him: “Our lord and our master…”tSan 4.4

This was the enforced Law. This also meant the standing High Priest had to stand quietly and listen when the King spoke.               

With regard to a particular person it also reflects the undisputed nature of the claimant royal status.

In a short step its clear Jesus was not an itinerant Rabbi and if only a king His only choice for marriage was His murderer’s daughter (tSanhedrin 4:10).  Between you and me I wouldn’t consider that a good deal either.

Of consequence the Jewish sages did write that the children of Caiaphas joined with the Nazarenes after the fact which is supported by Acts 6 inclusion of the “priests.”

Professor Tal Ilan in her essay on Intermarriage reports no less than 4 of King Herod’s family including his sons joined the Nazarenes (Apostles), and the Gospels record his steward Chusa, who was also Herods half brother did also.

Further proof of this is the address in Romans 16 to Aristobolus, the son of Herod the Great who established the Synagogue at Rome. The address as a side note ties the Apostle into the same family.

How did His disciples view Him? Was He the unseated revolutionary King the siccari hoped for?

It is answered in how they addressed Him in their own language which was Aramaic.  In the Codex  Khaboris which is dated to close to the year 1000 and linguistically is a copy of the Gospels from around the year 160 CE the Apostles addressed Him publically as Mar YAH.

The title Mar YAH, according to A Compendius Syriac Dictionary- edited by J. Payne Smith, Oxford 1979 is only used to as a short form of the Tetragrammaton or simply YHVH. The English never conveyed this but the oldest Eastern texts still do, and the better new translations including Paul Younans, as well as the AENT also do.

There were no complications or issues until well after the Temple destruction.

Can God get married? No!

Can God reproduce? No!

Jesus when asked about the resurrection said those resurrected would not either. They would be eternal instead.

Does it look like I trapped myself? No!

Here is the rabbinic teaching from the period, paraphrased slightly of course.

In Jewish mythos, Torah is a truly supernal entity. It is one of the seven primordial things that pre-date creation. God used the celestial Torah as a blueprint for ordering His universe. According to Midrash Konen, God drew three drops of water and three drops of fire from the supernal Torah kept in heaven and from them God made the world (2:24).

The Medieval German Pietists identified Torah as “the footstool of God,” conflating it with God’s Glory and the Shekhina. Torah is, in these terms, is nothing less than the physical manifestation of divinity, a kind of “God In-scripted,” as it was? To be constantly engaged in its study is the highest form of worship known to Judaism”.[1]

To flesh this out a little more this is the teaching of the Tannaim and later Sages. The question was asked Rabbi Akiva “what was before creation?” The initial response was not to talk discuss “before-times”, and the exploration of this began in earnest for the Tanna. Their conclusions in part are stated above. Additionally, the Organic, Supernal, or “Living Torah” was created two-thousand years before the beginning. This is the tradition of Rabbinic Judaism.

Psalms- David “lifting hands to Torah [a reference to praying to Torah] if in period the supernal Torah was not God then this is recorded idolatry by the prophet psalm 119:48

That said a paraphrase of a reference to older traditions (pre-70) is the following;

Before the beginning was God,

The First Emanation from God was the Torah,

By the Torah all things that were made were made…

Another tradition is that the “Task of the Torah is the Salvation of mankind”.

The Eternal Torah as an emanation could take form and did as it was handed to Moses.

This all came from the discerning work of Sages, Pharisee and Nazarene. What is the proof? In the former and latter train of thought Messiah’s origin is before is before creation Rabbi Judah, stated:“These times were over long ago”. As regards to his origin, he was to be “before the stars and zodiacs”

Across the spectrum of Jewish thought this is evident.

“I shall be reckoned with the angels, my dwelling is in the holy council. Who […] and who has been despised like me? And who has been rejected of men like me? And who compares to me in enduring evil? No teaching compares to my teaching. For I sit […] in heaven. Who is like me among the angels? Who could cut off my words? And who could measure the flow of my lips? Who can associate with me and thus compare with my judgment? I am the beloved of the King, a companion of the holy ones and none can accompany me. And to my glory none can compare, for I […]. Neither with gold I will crown myself, nor with refined gold […] “[4Q431 and 4Q427 fr.7] Livius

The Eternal Torah which cannot be separated from God and is God is also called the Son of God.

If this sounds familiar to the Christian it is because God doesn’t change.

Further Messiah’s hand is from creation forward. Here is a majestic view.

Deuteronomy 4:11 “And ye came near and stood under the mountain; and the mountain burned with fire unto the midst of heaven, with darkness, clouds, and thick darkness.

Deuteronomy 5:23 And it came to pass, when ye heard the voice out of the midst of the darkness, (for the mountain did burn with fire,) that ye came near unto me…”

When we consider Midrash Ruth Rabbah, Midrash Lamentations and others that the Pharisee Scholars worked on with the Nazarenes – followers of Jesus (Disciples, Apostles) around the time of the Temple Destruction before and after we have a fuller picture. These were not small simple treatise.

“In his classic work, The History of the Talmud, Jewish Talmudic scholar Michael L. Rodkinson

wrote: “There were passages in the Mishnayoth concerning Jesus and his teaching…the

Messianists… (were) many and considerable persons and in close alliance with their colleagues the

Pharisees during the (first) two centuries.”[2]

We also find a disciple of Johanan b. Zakkai whom he very much respected, very friendly to, and pleased with, Jacob of the village Sachnon, who was one of the first disciples of Jesus. Hence our conjecture”.[3]

Had this been noted about anyone else the statement would have no import. At the inception of the school at Yavne this shows no refined or notable differences in Theology and bolsters inclusion and cooperation. The greatest Sages of the Tanna counted their honor from how close they were to discipleship under Johanan ben Zakkai, and his orthodoxy cannot be put to question. The great leader would also not subject himself to, nor set precedent for respect to anyone with heretical views on Torah.

Understood clearly through this period in which the Gospels were lived and written neither side budged, neither side had to. They agreed.

After the Temple destruction both groups moved away from the core doctrines of the period. Modern Judaism is the destruction of the static Temple cult and the new foundation became a mobile and morphing religion able to change with the needs of the people. Christianity became a morphing religion that changed with the politic. Both sides pay homage to the Temple cult.

In truth I am genuinely frustrated with the number of incorrigible PHD’s that have jumped on board this applecart, both Christian and Jewish. The scholar introducing this simply wishes to promote Gnosticism, well the best to her. Look at her written titles, a woman her age should at least be honest about that.

The timing looks a little fishy to me promoting Apotheosis even second hand.  Does she have Anne Romney on speed dial? For non Christians think about it, sometimes a gift horse is no bargain, just ask the Trojans.

For those in both religions that like tantalizing tidbits follow the links from the articles below:

If you want real proofs of the role of the Jewish High Priestess go follow the links:


The Davidic/High Priest- which has been a holy grail without proofs. The priesthood of Melchizedek which has to carry 2 sets of DNA more or less and so has remained unproven. Judaism has stated you cannot be both King and High Priest, and from the perspective of modern Judaism they are correct. Here is the list from David through the Temple destruction of those that were both and served both.


The clarification of the Jewish genealogies and family lines which according to mythos can only be done at the end of days, and considering the byline should put a knot in the stomach of the Orthodox.


All with complete from the period proofs. There is enough to stand in wonder about without trying to overthrow the faith of some. We just witnessed this with that disgusting insult to the Muslims, now the Christians, are the Jews next? There was a time when all three religions stood shoulder to shoulder on many issues. There was a time when we worshipped side by side, but that’s a tantalizing tidbit for another day.

[1] Torah -by Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis, Encyclopedia Mythica


[3] The Babylonian Talmudtranslated by MICHAEL L. RODKINSON Book 10 (Vols. I and II) [1918] The History of the Talmud Appendice VI.

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