“Frank preached that the Virgin is renewed by going to Edom, which is represented by Christianity, so that revolution comes from Edom. He viewed the religions of the world as portals through which one passes before the Redemption. What is not too well known is that two years before his and other Frankists’ conversion to Catholicism in 1759, Frank converted to Islam. In the Frankists Godhead we can find the four personalities represented by: 1. Atika Kadisha, 2. Maika Kadisha, 3. Shechina, and 4.The Great Brother. The last may account for the term “Big Brother.” The first three designations are legitimate Kabbalistic terms for mystical manifestations of God’s presence.

When we examine the personalities as being exemplary of stages of the revolution, Elijah represents the ultimate Messiah, which is reached by starting with Judaism, represented by

Jonathan Eibeschutz; going to Islam represented by Shabbetai Tzvi; and the last portal represented by Frank in Christianity. After the revolution comes Big Brother who rules the earth”.[1]

Franks admonition to his followers was to wait for the Virgin…

To gain an understanding of a “Great Whore” you must look for her at her origins. There must be a massive contrast from her beginnings to her end. In her birthing there must be a contrast to her mother, another whore, although not so great.

In this light she is a second chance, a chance to make and keep the world right. She is a shining light, and a beacon of hope. She would need to be a place of refuge from persecution, a place of equity, and justice.

She is a Virgin.

A great description of this “Virgin” is found in a Wikipedia article “Restorationism”.

To immigrants in the early 19th century, the land in America seemed pristine, edenic and undefiled – “the perfect place to recover pure, uncorrupted and original Christianity” – and the tradition-bound European churches seemed out of place in this new setting.

The new American democracy seemed equally fresh and pure, a restoration of the kind of just government that God intended

Many believed that the new nation would usher in a new millennial age.

Independence from the traditional churches of Europe was appealing to many Americans who were enjoying a new political independence.”

For my base premise to hold up Jacob Frank’s religion must be a direct influence, and insert itself very quickly in her history through the recovery of what is “true religion”. Early on it is both by Orthodox and non Orthodox means. In the next few chapters’ the conception, formation detailing some of Jacobs flocks will be detailed.

First, reference must be made to the chapter “Developments of theology and History”. Europe was moving towards the end of the reformation. During several centuries of working toward its own “Restorationism” within Orthodoxy it had turned to the Cabalists and absorbed Cabala under Orthodox and philosophical auspices. This early on, these influences were melded with all the faiths, both mystical and non-mystical. The cost of this was enormous in lives. That it would happen was an accepted part of history. It was a matter of how fast and who would control it.

The intent of these men and women cannot be called into question on this count. Another name for its result was “Primitivism”. The simplicity of the sentiment is clear enough.

“The ideal of restoring a “primitive” form of Christianity grew in popularity in the U.S. after the American Revolution. This desire to restore a purer form of Christianity played a role in the development of many groups during this period, known as the Second Great Awakening…. Several factors made the restoration sentiment particularly appealing during this time period.The restoration ideal has been interpreted and applied in a variety of ways. Four general historical models can be identified based on the aspect of early Christianity that the individuals and groups involved were attempting to restore. These are: Ecclesiastical Primitivism, Ethical Primitivism, Experiential Primitivism, Gospel Primitivism”.[2]

This desire and process has been ongoing for over two hundred years, throughout the course of American history.

If the Gospel itself is simple, and the doctrines are understandable, why can completion never be achieved? If many different groups are striving for the same thing using the same Scripture, why don’t they agree on what should be simple such as spirituality and mysticism? Or even what is good or orthodox?

The one hurdle never uncovered is the base philosophical sets which present the “variable” in outlook, presentation, and performance within religion. If the base philosophy is “Stoicism” orthodoxy is stricter than if it is more “Epicurean”. Both are acceptable under Neo Platonics although to each other grudgingly. Both are so ingrained they are in the background.

If we are reformed, if we are “sola scriptura”, precedence must be given to the Apostle. Paul on Mars Hill called philosophy, foolishness. This was the primitive view until the middle fourth century.

With these things said we will move very rapidly through some of Jacobs flocks and then into his influence on mainstream Christianity. If considered from the Notzrim label, from the king Tzevi, through the king Frank, until present day the “apostles” of their kingdom have been sent out to finish the work and restore Paradise.

Their effectiveness will be shown in that some of his flocks are orthodox Christian, some quirky but considered orthodox, some heretic but considered Christian heresies, and were actually created to be acceptable under the auspices of Orthodox Judaism, not by the Orthodox rabbis but by the prophets of the “true religion”, the cabalist.

Shown will be some of the most cherished tenets of what are considered the most conservative and least mystical sects came directly out of contact with, and direction from Cabalas influence.

This is now how high the bar needs to be raised. This is not light. For the last time I will remind any reader that the great Apostle, Paul said we are not to believe things, and especially important things at face value. We are to look ourselves. You are literate. Look.


[2] Wikipedia “Restorationism”

  1. Just thought i would comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

  2. Arianna says:

    This was novel. I wish I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return.

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