This conception of redemption is no longer catastrophic; when duty has been fulfilled the son of David, the Messiah, will come of himself, for his appearance at the End of Days is only a symbol for thecompletion of a process, a testimony that the world has in fact been amended. Thus it becomes possible  to avoid the “travails of the Messiah.” The transition from the state of imperfection to the state of perfection (which may still be very difficult) will nevertheless take place without revolution and disaster and great affliction.-Gershom Scholem –Redemption Through Sin

 We as humans have discovered our true place which is Oneness with the world soul, which is Onenesswith Nous, which is Oneness with the First One or First Cause. We, left on our own by the Living God have discovered our own way to the Tree of Life. We will forget to die.

Our philosophy has provided our salvation and our religion has verified it.

Our people are maintained in righteousness certified by our greatest thinkers, the philosopher.

Together our combined Philosophy, Theology, and Mysticism have plumbed the depths and heights of Messiah. In our understanding of Nous we can and have attained His Being by gaining Oneness as promised by the fathers of our faith, Plato and Plotinus. As Jesus was One with the Father, so can we be with the First One or First Cause. We no longer have need of Father.

We can be “As He Is”. Our religion has taught us that although there is only one- Nous (Wisdom), He has many names. Jesus was one of them, Krishna another, Shabbetai only another. There will be more to come.

If we consider this philosophy like a mountain, man from the bottom has sought to climb its heights.

Together (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, as well as the rest of our religion), we have succeeded. Webhave sought out the Mysteries of God and the mind of God, not to know His Will, but to bend it. We have found that through philosophy and mysticism we can think His thoughts. We have found that we can wield His Power.

-“and I say to you, all who would be warriors must be without religion, which means that they must reach freedom under their own power and seize hold of the Tree of Life.” . No region of the human soul can remain untouched by this struggle. In order to ascend one must first descend. “No man can climb a mountain until he has first descended to its foot. Therefore we must descend and be cast down to the bottom rung, for only then can we climb to the infinite.”-Jacob Frank

 The Living God, while He lived, spoke of His Day. He spoke of one distinct day. We have even stripped Him of that. We now know that His Perfection is dependent on Us, and He can not attain it without Us.

At the summit of Neo Platonism we have killed God.

Bill Hamon says: “At that time the sons of God will be fully manifested on the earth. Widespread spiritual warfare will result with the Sons of God doing battle with Satan and company, the non-Christian nations of this world will also be defeated. Once the earth has been subdued, Jesus will come back to earth and be given the Kingdom that has been won for Him by this “manchild company.” (Prophets and the Prophetic Movement Bill Hamon).The Manifested Sons of God doctrine teaches that these immortal sons will be sinless, having partaken of the divine nature. They will have every right to be called gods and will be called gods.”

Or one of many Transcendent views if active Calvinism and Dominionism is not our cup of tea…

Redemption through Sin Gershom Scholem- It is supposed among those versed in esoteric lore that the redemption can be brought about in either one of two ways: either Israel will have the power to withdraw all the sparks of holiness from (the realm of] the kelipah so that the kelipah will wither into nothing or else the kelipah will become so filled with holiness that because of this repletion it must be spewn forth …. And this [fact), that the coming of the redemption can be prompted in one of two ways…”

Thus WE have shown the Living God and taught Him. Where He said “Love your neighbor as yourself and Go and preach the Gospel to every living creature” we have said it is too slow. Attrition and Dominion are the True Way.

Where He said” Love your enemy and be kind to those who despitefully use you” and “He is kind to the unthankful and the evil”, we have said “We will destroy the enemies of God”.

Where He said to be harmless, to turn the other cheek also, and not resist evil with evil, We have said we will have a just war.

We have truly returned to the source of our religion and its fountainhead. Compare the following within the philosophy itself, its mysticism, and theology. What is the difference between this and the “god” Shabbetai. Here is the Fourth Century Christianized version.

The ORATION OF EUSEBIUS PAMPHILUS-And thus our emperor, like the radiant sun, illuminates the most distant subjects of his empire through the presence of the C.sars, as with the far piercing rays of his own brightness. To us who occupy the eastern regions he has given a son worthy of himself; a second and abthird respectively to other departments of his empire, to be, as it were, brilliant reflectors of the light which proceeds from himself. Once more, having harnessed, as it were, under the self-same yoke the four most noble C.sars as horses in the imperial chariot, he sits on high and directs their course by the reins of holy harmony and concord; and, himself every where present, and observant of every event, thus traverses every region of the world. 5. Lastly, invested as he is with a semblance of heavenly sovereignty,

he directs his gaze above, and frames his earthly government according to the pattern of that Divine original, feeling strength in its conformity to the monarchy of God. And this conformity is granted by the universal Sovereign to man alone of the creatures of this earth: for he only is the author of sovereign power, who decrees that all should be subject to the rule of one.

He is indeed an emperor, and bears a title corresponding to his deeds; a Victor in truth, who has gained the victory over those passions which overmaster the rest of men: whose character is formed after the Divine original of the Supreme Sovereign, and whose mind reflects, as in a mirror, the radiance of his virtues. Hence is our emperor perfect in discretion, in goodness, in justice, in courage, in piety, in devotion to God: he truly and only is a philosopher, since he knows himself, and is fully aware that supplies of every blessing are showered on him from a source quite external to himself, even from heaven itself. Declaring the august title of supreme authority by the splendor of his vesture, he alone worthily wears that imperial purple which so well becomes him.”

 When Constantine’s history is seen, he is an angry, wrathful, and decadent reflection of the “First One”.

Our combined religion has given us so much. We as Christians can once again have a “Jewish” savior. The Jewish people can now have a Christian savior. The Muslims can have a Transcendent savior. We have holidays and holydays that are no longer pagan.

We can take the “Word of God” as fine flour to mold and define as we choose, or make our own through commentary and “fresh fire”.

We can consult with our dead who intercede for us, or work any witchcraft deemed Orthodox by our leaders.

We now know “His” true Name, which is the ultimate power. It has given us power over Him.

We are no longer bound by the dead God. We have been freed by the First One. And we know that the final manifestation of our messiah “Nous” is immanent.

Who is this “Nous”? Does it now matter?

More to the point it is not who he is, but who we are that mattered. We chose his religion, and his way.

We did. We declared this “messianic law” good and the other worthless.

It is He that will make our religions final immutable argument, so well articulated in the fourth century and is the Final Gospel to be preached.

“…And therefore they torture, put to death, and banish the worshippers of the Most High God, that is, the righteous; nor are they, who so vehemently hate, themselves able to assign the causes of their hatred. Because they are themselves in error, they are angry with those who follow the path of truth; and when they are able to correct themselves, they greatly increase their errors by cruel deeds, they are stained with the blood of the innocent, and they tear away with violence souls dedicated to God from the lacerated bodies. Such are the men with whom we now endeavour to engage and to dispute: these are the men whom we would lead away from a foolish persuasion to the truth, men who would more readily drink blood than imbibe the words of the righteous. What death, to which they are hastening with the greatest speed; if we cannot recall them from that devious path to life and light, since they themselves oppose their own safety; yet we shall strengthen those who belong to us, whose opinion is not settled, and founded and fixed with solid roots. For many of them waver, and especially those who have any acquaintance with literature. For in this respect philosophers, and orators, and poets are pernicious, because they are easily able to ensnare unwary souls by the sweetness of their discourse, and of their poems flowing with delightful modulation.

These are sweets which conceal poison.

Wisdom is driven from among them, they have recourse to violence, as Ennius says; and because they eagerly endeavour to condemn as guilty those whom they plainly know to be innocent, they are unwilling to be agreed respecting innocence itself; as though, in truth, it were a greater injustice to have condemned innocence, when proved to be such, than unheard.

But, as I said, they are afraid lest, if they should hear, they should be unable to condemn. .. ” Lactantius-The Divine Institutes

 Therein is philosophy’s last argument made.

We are become Notzrim, followers of Yeshu as the Pharisee accusation read, or the acronym more accurately translated -the destroyers of worlds.

 Before this last argument is made what will we be? We will be a people who held the tenets of Religion above what we proclaim the “Words of God” or Scripture to be. On every point that our “religion” seems contradictory to Scripture, religion is always right. We are literate people. Our Tradition dates to the fourth century and as shown its documentation and base goes back to at least the second century.

We have confirmed this with Rabbis who’s Traditions were written and codified in the same time frame.

Before this there was a Primitive church led by fishermen.

Before this final argument is made what new truth will we hear or see?

After this there is only one thing we wait to hear…

 “Behold…the Man”

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    Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  2. Claire says:

    With all the doggone snow I have had as recently I am bound indoors , fortuitously there is the net, cheers for giving me something to do

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