“You have forgotten the face of your father”- Steven King “The Dark Tower”


There is a movement in America aimed at training the heritage God gave them to be martyrs. At its  beginning its stated philosophical reference was if the Muslims could do this why can’t we? While I don’t  think it’s the case, its founders may be ignorant of history. The Christian martyr’s cult sprang up early on in the late 3rd and early 4th centuries out of the Roman death cults. It was refuted almost as fast as it sprang up.

Its basis was writings like pseudo Ignatius. When the people of Antioch heard of this they soundly refuted the blessings of martyrdom with “we have received no such traditions”. Antioch was the seat of Ignatius’ bishopric. Ignatius never left them this tradition.

It is my hope that these children grow up not knowing this “blessing” that their leaders and leaders’ families will never seek personally. Like the Muslims the leaders know without them it is unnatural for any who seek to live under God. Without their propaganda the movement would die almost instantly. It
is my prayer that the children may look into the eyes of their parents and ask why if you brought us up under God to be moral you could hold our lives to be so worthless and hopeless? Why would you give your money and our lives to this?

Did they not tell the children the reason the Muslims do this is they have no hope? They lament it. Their view in its beginning is they have no weapons to fight tanks, helicopters, and missiles, only people.
Whether for right or wrong in their religion, they sacrifice their own and propagandize it to the end they hope it will stop.

Does our Scripture say we are to act as those with no hope? And yet the “movement” at its inception, its reasoning was if the Muslim children could show this kind of dedication why can’t ours? There is no Scriptural justification for this. If read it is refuted. Its basis is only found in Neo Platonic thought. Mr.
Engle this type of activity denigrates true martyrdom, and makes light of it. It is enough when it happens, how is it that you can light the furnace for children?

To say it is the action of an apostate is one thing, to show it another. Here is the fourth century refutation against the Neo Platonic thought that glorified this.

“But, however, By his own spontaneous act he offered up his head to death; and nothing can be more wicked than this. For if a homicide is guilty because he is a destroyer of man, he who puts himself to death is under the same guilt, because he puts to death a man. Yea, that crime may be considered to be greater, the punishment of which belongs to God alone. For as we did not come into this life of our own accord; so, on the other hand, we can only withdraw from this habitation of the body which has been appointed for us to keep, by the command of Him who placed us in this body that we may inhabit it, until
He orders us to depart from it; and if any violence is offered to us, we must endure it with equanimity, since the death of an innocent person cannot be unavenged, and since we have a great Judge who alone always has the power of taking vengeance in His hands.” Lactantius The Divine Institutes Fathers of the
third and Fourth Centuries Phillip Schaff

This argument was made against the Roman Death Cults. Another name was the Neo Platonic
Philosophers who agreed with Christianity that the soul was indeed immortal. This is an example among
many of “Fresh Fire”.

Amazingly this “movement” is considered both Orthodox and good.

The Temple- many rabbis in fact don’t want it because it ends their hegemony on power. With a return to the Temple cult the priests take center stage and they at best are reduced to senatorial powers once again. With the building of a temple a clear king will emerge and further diminish them.

The natural rule is despotic, the king answers to God alone.

The king as the shepherd of God further diminishes them to a position of the Pharisee- interpreting the king’s law.

Although it is part of their faith to pray for this Temple they desire it in the same way many Christians desire the return of Jesus the Christ. Come, but not in my lifetime. Its proof is in the many times they were offered its rebuilding and refused it as shown earlier.

The collective experience of the rabbis over the last even thousand years with their kings has been anything but desirable for them.

The collective experience of the rabbis with the messianic in the same time frame has been horrific.
According to Gershom Scholem, since the 17th century alone Traditional Judaism has been broken twice and is no longer the same thing. With the establishment of the shepherd of God the religion has no choice but to change. What will the king make it next time? Will he add more elements of Hinduism?
Does he favor Southern Baptists? Perhaps the king favors Russian Orthodox or maybe going back to its mystical foundation, Islamic Sufism.

There is a sect or movement that is especially strong in America who call themselves Christian Zionists. This movement favors current Israel regardless of actions taken. Today they are suing amazingly for “the right of return” which is the right of every Jewish person to go to Israel as a citizen. Their support of Israel financially has given them the clout to have their case taken seriously. Their stated view is that the Jewish peoples are the Judah of the Bible and they are Israel…?

If the entire history of the royalty moves on a static line in the sense that the king has the same powers, why would they do this? If Christianity has a King why would we now openly set ourselves under a small,
unorganized congress of religionists who are foreign to our King?

It is the same in essence as hearing Jesus the Christ speaking and favoring the Sadducee because you like the way he dresses, or being Canadian you decide you will only listen to and support the government of New Guinea.

The only way this is possible is the embrace of Nous; the cosmic Christ. This gains Orthodoxy to the Rabbis as shown by the acceptance of the neo-Netzerim. Their belief is Ebionite.

If Jesus the King said the yoke of the Pharisee was broken why would we take it back on willingly? In short this is not a polemic, but is meant to provoke thought. This sect or movement has for all intensive purposes signaled its intent to follow the example of a Jacob Dobrushka and apostatize. The example
they follow is no different from the other Noahide Judaisms before them including Mormonism, and the Jehovah Witnesses.

The obsession with building a new temple on Mt. Mariah is part and parcel with this. The Muslims control it and won’t take down the great Dome of the Rock. The Jewish people own the land. Christianity is the biggest financer of its future rebuilding. How can this be done without total annihilation to the region?

The Temple Mount itself is managed by the Jordanians. The Royal family is the only in the world of Islam who are direct descendents of Mohammed. Interestingly they are considered some of the best scholars of the “Tradition/Perennial Philosophy” in the world. Their mysticism is Sufi Cabbala. The Cabbalist Rabbis are at the higher theological plane, simply coreligionists.

 This of course is meant in the same vein as the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (king of Muslims) and the Egyptian Sultan Malik al –Kamil, or Shabbetai Tzvi (Muslim king of Jews) and Jacob Dobrushka (Catholic king of Jews), and Aleister Crowley and Huston Smith.

Understood this way when will the temple be built? When they decide to get around to it, the temple will be built. For Christians outside the Neo Platonic the push to build it is misguided. It in truth is the same trying to force the Hand of the Living God as that of Judas Iscariot. It is not our Temple. It is not our
King. Why make his life easier?

 Should we be angry with the cabbalists that have made this their life’s work? No, in point of fact under the Neo Platonic auspice they should be congratulated for being better evangelists than us. Over time
they were handed down a religious perspective the same as every other religious person. Their morality and intent is not subject to question.

We like they are a literate people. Our religious leaders hold doctorates in theology. The sheer volumes of variant Judaism that color Christianity today preclude anything but an acceptance of universal truths.

Our universal mysticism is Islamic Sufi and Hermeticism. Our understanding of it Cabbalistic Jewish, our spiritualism rivals Plato and Pythagoras, and we hold Jesus the Nous.

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