“He is the new Adam,

Wearing the garments that Adam lost on leaving Eden, doing what Adam failed To do in the temple-as-restored-Eden. He represents, or embodies, the people
Of God, Israel (who are, in turn, the true humanity); wearing on his breast piece And lapels the names of the twelve tribes of Israel (Exod. 28.9-21). He brings Humanity and Israel to God. He also brings the cosmos, the created world, to God since this is represented by his garments in their various parts.

Secondly, the high priest brings the one creator God to Israel and to  The created world. He embodies God’s Glory, wearing ‘the garment(s) of Glory’. On the stage of the cultic microcosm he is the creator, and divine Warrior surrounded by clouds of incense (Exod. 40.27, 34; 1 Kgs 8.10; 2 Chron. 5.11; Lev. 16.12-13; cf. Lev. 9.22-24), carrying fiery coals, dressed in garb that(According to Josephus, B.J. 5.231; Ant. 3.184) symbolizes thunder and lightning,

His garments sprinkled with the blood of God’s victories (Exod. 29.19-21; cf. esp. Isa. 63.1-6, but also Deut. 33.2-3; Judg. 4–5; Ps. 68.8-9, 18).17 He is divine Wisdom’s Avatar.18 According to a brief and tantalizing passage in Josephus he Is, in effect, called Yahweh, ‘the most honored of revered names’ (B.J. 4.163 64.

At least for one dominant strand of biblical thought, the high priest is the true idol, the image (tselem, Gen. 1.26-27), of the one creator God.19 and as the

 statue’ of the living God he is rightly the recipient of cultic devotion; of worship.”476 476 Jesus as the Priestly Messiah ::Part 1 Journal for the study of the Historical Jesus 2006;4;155DOI:1177/1476869006064873

The author of this quote might rightly feel at least a twinge of anger or rage that his work is quoted for this purpose, and rightly so. His description of my Melchi-Zedek (High Priest/King) is correct and intuitive. I offer my apologies accordingly. This description is how another will also be known, and how
others have been and will be known.

In review the proper question, “What is God”?

As stated, Neo Platonic Philosophy over centuries combined with other mysticisms. Though there were many more than the ones we concern ourselves with (essentially a pagan religious system), it is now essentially monotheistic.

Reality is held together by a perfect unknowable “One”. From the One the Nous (pure intelligence/Wisdom/Sofia) emanates from which the world soul and then lesser souls are derived.

The lesser souls are an image of the world soul. It in turn is an image of the Nous which in turn is an image of the “Perfect One”, thus all are consubstantial or (ONE).

The world soul has the choice of preserving its perfection or to be sensual and corrupt, and likewise the lesser souls.

For the lesser soul (human), if it becomes depraved it can receive salvation by reversing its steps until it is in union with the world soul. This is done through meditations, rigid disciplines, and mystical experiences where the soul knows mystical ecstasy.
When the lesser soul is in union with the world soul, the Perfect One may give “divine power” through the Nous and world soul. Because all are in perfect union and all are ONE, the lesser soul is thus divinized corresponding to its degree of union.

This is why it is worth stating again.

This is the Philosophers Stone. Within various traditions it is articulated different ways or with its essential focus on what is Orthodox within the respective faith. Within Judaism, Islam and Christianity although the articulation or focus is different its meaning is the same.

Within Christianity it has been articulated as the “Transfiguration” event for the adept where the essential Oneness with the First One is so complete their experience rivals that of Jesus and the Disciples on the mount with Moses and Elijah, bathed in the Transcendent. It is the closest approach to the High
Holy of God (the First Cause).

The reward is evident within all faiths.

The Roman Catholic Nicholas of Cusa’s direct intuition of the Mind of God, in ecstasy the NeoPlatonic adept transcends all limitations. Time and space have no meaning. The adept is no longer limited to the confines of human flesh.

The Nous and world soul can transfer the Power of God (the First Cause) to the adept, who may now wield it.

A man whose thoughts are the thoughts of God, who himself is transcendent and limitless, and wields the power of Almighty God to the creation or destruction of his choosing. He will forget to die.

What is its summit? At its ultimate end a human born from a woman and a man, is able to aspire and ascend to the Throne of God, and sit down.

“…Frank himself, though he never said so in so many words, was correctly understood by his disciples to imply that he personally was the living God once again incarnated on earth. Not without a certain “consistency” the Frankists held that each of the three hypostases of the Godhead had its individual
incarnation in a separate Messiah…”477 477 Gershom Scholem- Redemption through Sin-The core beliefs are-

1. The belief in the necessary apostasy of the Messiah and in the sacramental nature of the descent into the realm of the kelipot.

2. The belief that the “believer” must not appear to be as he really is.

3. The belief that the Torah of atzilut must be observed through the violation of the Torah of beriah.

4. The belief that the First Cause and the God of Israel are not the same, the former being the God of rational philosophy, the latter the God of religion.

5. The belief in three hypostases of the Godhead, all of which have been or will be incarnated in human form

The language used in the ear of the average Christian is nothing short of blasphemous. How does it fit in with Christian Orthodoxy?

Clarification is found in the study of Shabbetai Tzevi and Islamic Sufism.
 In “Sabbatai Zevi and Sufism”, Professor Avraham Elqayam, Bar Ilan University, Israel states “One of the element explicated there was the Shat’hiyat (or shatahat — literally “escapades”, in Arabic) — ecstatsy exclamations made by Sufis in the course of their “fana” (lit. “annihilation”, in Arabic) — annihilation of
being, passing away in mystical union with the deity. Such exclamations were extreme, and sounded heretic to most listeners. For instance, Al-Halaj’s (d. 922) famous saying “Ana ‘l-Haqq” — i.e., “I am the Truth”, meaning, “I am God”. [For more about Shattahiyyat, see: C.W. Ernst, Words of Ecstasy in Sufism,  Albany 1985, pp. 3-36.]

Sabbatai Sevi, like the Sufi mystics, used to exclaim words of ecstasy. One of the more well-cited instances is his “There is no God but Me”. This exclamation, the late Prof. Lazaros-Yaffe has indicated, is strongly reminiscant of Al-Halllaj’s “Ana ‘l-Haqq”. Sabbatai Sevi’s utterances of the Ineffable Name of God should also be understood on this background, i.e., expressing his “fana”, mystical union with God.”

He goes further to state that Tzevi’s mystical practice may reflect contact with not only the Sufis which he may be considered part but also the mystic practices of the Eastern Churches desert monasticism.
Tzevi’s claim to be God and those after him is no different than that of the other Muslim mystics Al- Bistami and Al-Halaj, the Neo Platonic “mystical union”.

With this clarification what difference remains? All fall within the Neo Platonic auspice and Orthodoxy.

In his article “To Die for the People, a Kabbalistic Reinterpretation of the Crucifixion of Jesus”; Reb Yakov Leib Ha Kohain that a major impediment between Judaism and Christianity has been the view that the Jews in Jesus day rejected Him. He goes further to state the vast majority of Israel and its leaders
accepted Him as Messiah.

The reason for the crucifixion of Jesus was to inaugurate the Millennium (John 11:49). He points to their acceptance of Him as King, His lineage was accepted, and the calls to crucify Him would free them from
sin and begin the Messianic Era.

He makes comparison to other “divine incarnations” such as Shabbetai Tzevi who like Christ “changed the Law, Rabbi Nachman478 who would salvically pull his followers from hell, in the mold of an “Ascended Christ”. 478 Rabbi Nachman’s Tikkun, Breslov Research Institute, 1984, p. 42.

He then makes the argument of divine incarnation as an accepted view within Judaism based in Gen 18:1-5, Ex 34:6-9 and so on.

The final thrust of his argument is that the Jews were stripped of Jesus because of the prejudice of the Gentile Christian, and he cites as proof;”We believe that Jesus was taken away from the Jews [by the Gentiles]. He was a great power; he could have been a great talmudic scholar or a Tzaddik, [but] he was
drawn to the other side of the fence.” (Quoted in Legends of the Hasidim, Jerome R. Mintz, University of Chicago Press, p. 140).

It was because of this that the advent and apostasy of Tzevi and Frank were necessary, to repair God.

This is the modern Frankist view of Jesus the Christ published in The Priest: a Journal of Catholic Theology, April 1996. Within this, his concept of the Cosmic Christ falls inside the Orthodoxy of the Council of Chalcedon.

Beyond the concept of a recurring incarnation a major point of contention is how Christ was stripped from the Jewish people. If the Talmud is looked at, Rabbi Gamaliel II and his household started studying “Greek Wisdom” although it is only mentioned in passing. This implication is the acceptance of Middle
Platonism and the initial step away from both the Religion of Israel, its base in the Torah of Moses, and it’s accepted form of religion, that of the Christiani (Apostles of Jesus), hence the 12th Blessing.

If all views and goals within Neo Platonism are the same, the difference being degree and direction of articulation and language, how can any one be counted as evil? The means are the same for the Baptist or the Frankist even though the methods differ. The Catholic and the Muslim adept follow the same methods as they seek Oneness. The Orthodox and Jewish practitioner read the same base texts as the rest. There is one foundation, one structure which has different facets or angles to see it from. Each facet or religion presents a differing facade.

Unlike Elijah who is described as both holding the Word of God and the Fire of God, and yet as a man of like passions as the rest of us. Who after wielding both proclaimed to God in despair “kill me now; I am no better than my fathers”.

Unlike Moses, who when the Wrath of God would have consumed the children of Israel, and God offered him to be the father of the nation, Moses proclaimed “kill me also.”

The adept because of Oneness, and purity, sanctity and holiness may now look down from on high and speak the words of god. Death is defeated. The mysteries of the universe are yours. The world is in whatever form you choose. The FirstCause is lifted up to make room for you. The people bow down.

“As it gradually dawns on people, one by one, that the transformation of God is not just an interesting idea but is a living reality, it may begin to function as a new myth. Whoever recognizes this myth as his own personal reality will put his life in the service of this process. Such an individual offers himself as a
vessel for the [continuing] incarnation of deity and thereby promotes the ongoing transformation of God by giving Him human manifestation.” 479

479 Edward F. Edinger (The Creation of Consciousness: Jung’s Myth for Modern Man, page 113.)

  1. Allison says:

    I find it very reassuring that many of the people who commented with different thoughts and opinions, did so in such a nice and well thought out manner.

    • GH Eliason says:

      Hi I think it has less to do with my writing and more to do with recognising the simplicity of Truth God instills in all of His people. You just see it and it makes sense because its something He has already put in your heart. No great kudos to me then

  2. Kimberly says:

    Are you making this up as you go along?

    • GH Eliason says:

      Hi I wish it was fictional. Every aspect is documented heavily throughout the sum of the articles. The fullest documentation is in the book on the left side of the screen. The scenario described in this article will be achieved through what the philosopher terms as ascendence. It does not matter to them if it is mechanical (tech and science) or mysticism. I will continue to document.

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