This article describes the religion of the elite, whether the facade is Christianity, Judaism, or Islam and how it is spread.

The creaturely Torah with its explicit commandments and prohibitions is the shellenfolding a mystical kernel which the Kabbalist can reveal. But as early as the Kabbalah of Safedthere is a shift in the meaning of this mystical Torah. It contains not only the mysteries of theKabbalah, but also the law of pure spirituality which will one day be revealed, a kind of EvangeliumEternum as the Franciscan spiritualists understood this concept.-Gershom Scholem –RedemptionThrough

Scholem goes on to say that in one view the original tables of Law written by God, given to Moses and broken were the perfect Law of Freedom, but Israel sinned in the “cult of the Golden Calf”. This “Law of Freedom” was to be the return to the tree of life. With their sin the Merciful God gave the second tables
through Moses hand and that is the Law of God, as we know it. They refer to the first as the Torah of Atzilut.

 They refer to the earthy second as of Beriah. The Torah of Beriah is still the “Revelation of God”, but the lower revelation.

What are some of the differences? Read the following.

“Following upon these trains of thought we find as early as Nathan of Gaza and Cardozo the appearance of an additional motif which in the Sabbatian heresy of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries proves to be very effective, but also especially offensive and objectionable: the abrogation of sexual taboos, and
of the incest prohibition in particular, as indices of the Messianic Torah. Here the crisis of tradition achieves a symbolically very visible, if also scandalous, expression. The restrictions which originate in the curse of woman after the Fall lose their force in the Messianic world. These restrictions, however,
according to a talmudic interpretation, are above all of a sexual character. In Cardozo’s view, Eve might,at least in principle, have belonged to several men while she was still in Paradise.” -IBID

Incredibly “Paradise is Plato’s Ideal Society”. The philosophy, spirituality, and mysticism taken to its conclusion arrive at its beginning.

 “The Sabbatian “believers” felt that they were champions of a new world which was to be established by overthrowing the values of all positive religions. And so, from the pen of their last significant leader,
Jacob Frank, …”-Gershom Scholem Redemption Through Sin

 Who is the adept following the higher mysticism? This Torah of Atzilut is for leadership. Within the faith(s) it is called by different albeit Orthodox names. It is not to be fouled by the common or uninitiated. This would desecrate religion and mysticism. Its concepts are taught at our universities as religious philosophy and comparative religion. It must be picked up by the future adept who innocently enough sees it as a prize of higher education and standing.

“Who is meant by ruler.? A king, for it is stated in Scriptures, any of all the things which the Lord his God hath commanded (Lev 4.22), . a ruler above whom there is none but the Lord his God.”446

446 David Flatto Its Good to be the King the Monarchs role in the Mishnah’s Political and Legal System pg 15 Hauser Global Law School Working Paper 01/07

It is needed by those who rule to justify the pragmatism and ruthlessness sometimes needed in the course of their work in this sense. A leader of religion or state weighs the good of the religion or state against that of the individual or the few. The structure itself cannot fail in the leader’s tenure or it is failed leadership. In the course of this there is also an inside politic that must be weighed.

For example a head of state may oversee the deaths of thousands in his tenure based on decisions he made good or bad, right or wrong. He would not be in this position had not God put him there. Because he is religious and some level of adept, he knows the only one above him is the First Cause. He knows
nothing is done outside of the Nous.

He has not sinned. His position is sanctified. It was a moment that needed to happen on the road back to paradise. He was chosen because he was strong. There is only One above him.

In the infinite Wisdom or Nous, he was chosen. His stature is above his fellow man. Every articulation is part of the great cosmic redemption. There are no mistakes.

Within Christianity this is reinforced using the Scripture. It is God who chooses leadership. It is now the responsibility of the faithful to follow unquestioning. It is reinforced by the spiritual leadership. If viewed historically the faith of the nation is unquestionably colored by that of its national leader. He in this sense is a shepherd of his god.

It is done through the promotion of his religious advisers. With a new prominence their views on religion are at center stage. They after all are advisers to the leader. It is they who comfort him. It is they who
provide his moral justification all the way to St. Augustine’s Neo Platonic Theory of a Just War.

Do I think even most of these “adepts” realize this? Honestly no, if they did they would be truly immoral.
In truth it becomes part of the intrinsic background of life like most of what we learn. The nature of the philosophy is picking and choose, taking the best and discarding everything else. Most are enthralled in its small view, attaining “Oneness” with God. The volumes of material and mystic practice are time
consuming and they simply don’t know.

How is it done then? Go to the bookstore and pick up the latest volume on religious philosophy, mysticism or spirituality within the Orthodoxy of your faith and you are on your way.

  1. Madelyn says:

    I wish more people would write blogs like this that are really fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like this instead.

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