Article showing the origin of the magic and spiritism that was overlaid on all religion

To dig back to its origin one must understand it through its mutations in history. Cabbala is a product of philosophy, or rather philosophies. There can be no stripping them of their inherent mysticisms.

To start the progression a little regional history is needed. After the Second Temples destruction and the War of 132 many refugees from Israel settled in Arabia. According to Joseph Katz in his article “The Jewish Kingdoms of Arabia” the rise of the Jewish kingdom started in the rule of Abu Karib Asad 390-420 and climaxed under DHu NuwAs whose kingdom was destroyed in 525 through an attack by Abyssinia and Byzantium. The Jewish kingdom at its peak enveloped Yemen and most of Arabia. After this, Christianity established itself in Arabia until the time of the Prophet Mohammed.

Further Rabbi Katz speculates that Mohammed was a descendent of Onias II, builder of the Jewish Temple at Heliopolis. This may support some of the mythos around Mohammed such as his mother and uncle being Ebionite, which is bolstered by his understanding of Jesus the Christ.

If the ancestry is provable this Prophet is a legitimate son of David and a Netzerim (king/priest) by lineage. Building on this it may be the reason both Nazarene and Ebionite were acceptable even as marriage choices by him for the Muslim.

This lineage may also be the reason why his original following were primarily Jewish and Christian communities, and originally he drew no true distinction between Judaism and Islam.

In his article “The Prophet Mohammed a Jewish Pseudo Messiah”; Rabbi Katz writes that the Jewish leaders thought “A Prophet is about to arise; his time draws near.
We shall follow him; and then we shall slay [our enemies] with “divine+ slaughter…” As the common people became aware of the
Prophet, “they spoke one to another – surely know that is the same
Prophet whom the Jews warn us about.”

Further that “Muhammad initially took on himself many aspects of Rabbinic Judaism, like Dhu Nuwas before him. It is known that Muhammad required that his followers keep kosher and the fast of Yom Kippur, circumcise and pray facing Jerusalem. Muhammad’s militant monotheistic religion was called Islam, meaning “surrender [to God],” and its followers were Muslims, meaning “those who have surrendered.” His inspired teachings would bring unity to the Arabian peninsula, an event that had sweeping consequences for the rest of the
world. In the Qur’an it is recorded that the native Jewish Priests rejected his claim, and Muhammad in turn renounced them for deserting
him. Later many Jewish laws were changed, Muhammad requested that his
followers pray towards Mecca, and a new religion was created.”

After Mohammed came the rise of the Islamic schools of Philosophy. These Schools were the continuation of the Christian Neo Platonic and Hermetic schools such as those at Alexandria, Syria, and Gaza. These schools under the Christian auspice were the continuation and outgrowth of the philosophers Iamblichus, Plotinus, and finally Ammonius Saccus, and Hermes.

Further along according to the Jewish Encyclopedia 1901  The ‘Faithful Brothers of Basra’ were the Ikhwan as Safa, the ‘Sincere Brethren’, a group ofIsmaili (a Shiah subgroup) Muslims whose great tenth century AD work was their Rasa’il(Letters), an encyclopedic undertaking that attempted to make available the knowledge of the time, including what we would call esoteric or metaphysical knowledge. They considered themselves heirs to the most ancient wisdom of Pythagoras and Hermes, which the Sufis also say is identical with their tradition.”

 Cabbala is the direct outgrowth of Neo Platonism. It is the natural exploration under this auspice.

Interestingly enough, Sufism may not be a Muslim affectation after all.

“In an essay (‘The Sufic Chequer-Board’) included in one of his last published books (DifficultQuestions, Easy Answers), Robert Graves opined that Sufism began in China, and pointed to the historical hegemony of China over Khorasan for corroboration.

Strength is further given to the notion that the esoteric influences on the Spanish Gerona school of Cabalists may have included Chinese Taoist material by the obvious similarity of the Tree of Life diagram to the various forms of the ‘Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate’ (T’ai Chi T’u). The Chinese figure has as the source, shown at the top, ‘the Ultimateless, yet Supreme Ultimate’ and, at the bottom, ‘the production and evolution of all things’. A tenth century example may be found in Da Liu’s popular book, T’ai Chi Chu’an and Meditation, and others are in scholarly works on Chinese philosophy”.398398Article The Original Cabala, the Cabala of Eight Elements, the Sufi Cabala

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