Article proving the existence of a unified world religion, and mysticism that all religious people unknowingly take part.

TOWARDS A UNIFIED THEORY OF INFORMATION Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Vienna University of Technology, AustriGottfried Stockinger, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil-The dimensions of cognition, communication, and co-operation “Different system dimensions refer to different system phases or different system levels. The phases are a characteristic of the meta-system transition, which brings the system about to materialize in levels, which make the system hierarchical.

1. In a first phase there is only a multitude of entities, which later on will become elements of the system to be formed. In this phase they cannot be addressed as elements because there is no system yet. They do not have bindings to each other at all. This phase may be called (pre-)elementary phase, seen from the angle of the system to emerge.

2. Only in the second phase these entities begin to develop relations among themselves, they interact with each other. But this interactive relationship is not durable, not stable, can vanish according to the changing activities of the entities involved. In this intermediate phase, processes may still be reversible

3. It is in a third phase that a system is formed in the course of interaction Durable, stable relations are established among the entities which by then turn into elements of just this system. This integration phase makes the changes irreversible. A new system emerges.”

In the chapter “Theocracy” I showed the interrelations of different branches of a theocratic government. Comparatively not necessarily on the lines of regal, legislative, and judicial, but still within the different sects, the unifying philosophy, mysticism, and theology each break down on the same lines and have a counterpart in the other sects. Some are transcendent in the sense of lifting the people; some are dominionist and want their particular brand in the forefront. There are those that work actively together particularly among the mystical and philosophical, and there are all different shades in between. Under this umbrella there are many that work solely within their Orthodoxy.

 This however does not negate cooperative effort since the texts they use as well as practices were developed communally. This said have Islam, Christianity, and Judaism become the same thing? The answer is no and yes. In this section if and only if it is proven that other than the facade, we do believe the same with regard to high theology seen through each of our religious philosophies, has a unified religion been revealed? In the next few chapters this will be shown to be so. To start with the philosophic base and a baseline approach will be shown. Its correspondence in Islam and Judaism is next.

Lastly it must be shown to have its equal in normative Christianity, and not just a fringe. Its high mysticism and high spirituality must be clearly shown to be normative for all. It must be recognizable to its theologians, mystics, and philosophers. The “Tradition or Perennial Philosophy” is one of the most revealing views in Neo Platonism. It needs to be noted that this philosophy at its heart, is part and parcel of the whole. “Perennialism teaches that the world’s true or orthodox religions are directly revealed by that Reality, each of them corresponding to an archetype within the divine mind. In this way, the perennial philosophy honors the absolutist claims of the religions, especially those of the West. Revealed traditions do not communicate merely partial or complementary truths, which must then be combined by the syncretist to achieve a complete understanding. Rather, each is fully true in the sense that it provides its adherents with everything they need for reaching the highest or most complete human state, a state in which they will be able to confirm the truth in their own experience through participation in the very nature of God.433 433 ibid He goes on to quote Shuon stating the public rejection of such ideas is actually helpful and its usefulness should not be called into question.

The reason being that for most religious adherents to take their religion seriously they need to believe that even if it is not the only way it is the best way. Within Islam, Judaism, and Christianity reside the same basis of Creation account.”

The first man Adam instead of obeying God took and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Because of this the Tree of Life was forbidden to and protected from him. According to the Cabbalistic approach of “all three” religions had Adam listened to God he would have ended the history of the Salvation struggle then and there. Adam would have been the messiah that lifted the “sparks” of holiness and restored wholeness to God. Because of his actions however man can only know “knowledge”. He can never be truly complete until the sparks are lifted and “true wisdom” which is the Tree of Life in the Garden is released and realized.

 Perfection will then be realized and the “worlds” will be restored to their former perfection. What is the Tree of Life? It is Wisdom, Word, and Eternal Messiah. The law or Torah of messiah is therefore different from the laws of the “knowledge of good and evil”. One is imperfect at best because it is based in knowledge, and the other is oneness with the creator. In his article Exoteric and Esoteric Judaism Isaac Luria and Sabbatai Zevi in Russian Orthodoxy, Professor Alexander Dugin, a Prava Slova mystic (Russian Orthodox) links Lurias Quabbalah, sabbataism, Hassidism,Masonic movements, occult movements, with the Orthodox Russian Heychasm, Gnostic and sufi-ishmaeli- shia mystical practices as being almost indistinguishable in differences. He closes his remarks with “Yours in Sparks”. The differences in practice to St. Ignatius “spiritual exercises” is also negligible to the point if you practice one of these many mysticisms you have a working understanding of all of them.

The technical terminology may vary but a “rose by any other name does smell as sweet”. A logical question is “who is Alexander Dugin? “He is a Russian theologian and mystic who advises the “Duma”(Russian Congress). In the USA when visiting he receives a welcome from the US Department of State. If nothing else that should express professor Dugin’s credibility worldwide.

The foremost question for the religionist is not “Who” is God or even what His Name is. It is not “who” belongs to Him or “who” does not. The proper question is “What is God”? Neo Platonic Philosophy from its beginning and over centuries combined with other mysticisms. Though there were many more than the ones we concern ourselves with (originally classical polytheism and philosophy) it is now essentially monotheistic. Reality is held together by a perfect unknowable “One”. From the One, the Nou(pure intelligence/Wisdom/Sofia) emanates from which the world soul and then lesser souls are derived. The lesser souls are an image of the world soul. It in turn is an image of the Nous which in turn is an image of the “Perfect One”, thus all are consubstantial or (ONE).

The world soul has the choice of preserving its perfection or to be sensual and corrupt, and likewise the lesser souls. For the lesser soul (human), if it becomes depraved it can receive salvation by reversing its steps until it is in union with the world soul. This is done through meditations, rigid disciplines, and mystical experiences where the soul knows mystical ecstasy. When the lesser soul is in union with the world soul, the Perfect One may give “divine power” through the Nous and world soul.

Because all are in perfect union and all are ONE, the lesser soul is thus divinized corresponding to its degree of union. An example of the workings of this first shown is the Sufi Tree of Life. ” When Jewish mystic lore came in contact with Arabic-Jewish philosophy, it appropriated those elements that appealed to it; this being especially the case with Gabirol’s philosophy on account of its mystical character…

‘The following doctrines of Arab philosophy especially influenced and modified Jewish mysticism, on account of the close relationship between the two. The “Faithful Brothers of Basra”, as well as the Neoplatonic Aristotelians of the nin th century, have left their marks on the Cabala. The brotherhood taught, similarly to early Gnosticism, that God, the highest Being, exalted above all differences and contrasts, also surpassed everything corporeal and spiritual; hence, the world could only be explained by means of emanations. 1. the creating spirit ( nous); 2. the directing spirit, or the world-soul; 3. primal matter; 4. active nature, a power proceeding from the world-soul; 5. the abstract body, also called secondary matter; 6. the world of the spheres; 7. the elements of the sublunary world; and 8. the world of minerals, plants and animals composed of these elements. These eight form, together with God, the absolute One, who is in and with everything, the scale of the nine primal substances , corresponding to the nine primary numbers and the nine spheres. These nine numbers of the “Faithful Brethren”… have been changed by a Jewish philosopher in the middle of the eleventh century into ten, by counting the four elements not as a unit, but as two.”. 434 434 The ten sefiroth of the Cabalistic ‘tree’ are traditionally given, with minor variations in transliteration, as follows: 1. Kether, ‘Crown’. 2. Hokmah, ‘Wisdom’. 3. Binah, ‘Intelligence’. 4. Hesed, ‘Grace’ or ‘Love’. 5. Din, ‘Severe Judgement’, or, sometimes, Gevurah, ‘Power’. 6. Rahamim, ‘Compassion’, or, sometimes, Tifereth, ‘Beauty’. 7. Netsah, ‘Victory’. 8. Hod, ‘Majesty’ or ‘Glory’. 9. Yesod, ‘Foundation’. 10. Malkuth, ‘Kingdom’- -The creating spirit’, corresponds with the Primal Intelligence, the Reality of Mohammed, the Exalted Pen or the ‘intelligence of the universe’ or ‘world intelligence’. Drawn from the Pen as was Eve from Adam is the Book, or Slate, the ‘world soul’, ‘alam al arwah, the repository, in a sense, of the divine ideas or forms or archetypes that are the ‘basis’ of everything existing in our world Ibn al ‘Arabi says that ‘active nature’, created by the ‘alam al arwah, is the third thing produced in sequence from the Primal Intelligence -Article The Original Cabala, the Cabala of Eight Elements, the Sufi Cabala

The Jewish Cabbalistic working of this is shown in the footnotes. Both agree with each other and the doctrine of Neo Platonism because it is their base. For the Christian formulations peruse the early and middle Christian philosophers, Thomas Aquinas is a good start. Neo Platonic Christianity is also in agreement. Because of the nature of the philosophic framework the “Christian Mystic” when accused of “Jewish magic” and this is shown to be a very loose term, can show its historic Orthodoxy within the Faith.

The practitioner may for all intensive purposes not even realize that it is in practice the same Cabbala because the “orthodoxy” is not in question. Here is a simple question that makes the point. Is reincarnation or transmigration part of essential Judaism or Christianity?

When Hindu and Buddhist mysticism were being gleaned these became essential truths concerning “messiah” in the sense that messiah is above a single temporal appearance. They are simply technical terms that explain “in agreement” with the Council of Chalcedon that messiah is not confined to one body at one time and can be manifested in differing ways at differing times. Within Neo Platonism this is gleaned from Pythagoras and Stoicism. From there the teaching was expanded on to suit the needs of the religion.

Ironically the very dedicated believer who has never strayed from the “Orthodoxy” of his “Faith”, and for decades has explored only its accepted mysticism or spirituality may in fact and practicality belong to another religion altogether. One way of considering how this happened is to take an example of a bicycle and rider. “Sufi Islam” is the wheels that it rides on and provided a basis of exploratory mysticism riding on these wheels through its Qabbalah. “Neo Platonism” is the frame that holds it all together. “Cabbalist Judaism” is the pedals that provided the power to the exploration. “Christianity” is the seat that shows the “Messiah as King”. Messiah is the rider over all. Why Christianity to show messiah? If the Cabbalistic approach is taken to “messiah” the Christian view of Messiah regardless of personage stands. Judaism will transform again and look like the “gentile churches”.

 This in itself gives the Cabbalist Rabbis pause. This is throughout our combined histories the work of our great scholars and mystics who have taught our theologians. They in turn taught at our universities the next generation’s leaders who in turn taught from the pulpits. It is not Perennial philosophy or tradition that unites. It is neo platonic thought, doctrine, and mysticism. Perennial philosophy while revealing is by no means original in itself. It has importance in the sense of being able to look inside through a window or seeing what the larger form looks like grownup.

If all our views concerning the most important or intricate parts of our respective “faiths” are not equivalent or similar but same, what divides us? From here the examples abound. From the Christian perspective which is what I am most concerned about, here is a beginning. If one were to say well I am neither Jewish, nor Orthodox, or Catholic, Muslim or Hindu, and our “faith” does not allow for this.

Here is the Baptist version. I chose this because they are known for a lively and mystical spirituality. This quote although lengthy explains it very well. It is from a Masters Degree Thesis in Theology. “Also, one must not loose sight of the fact that the earliest Christians were faithful Jews. These early Jewish Christians sought to understand the relationship between Jesus and Jehovah.

 The New Testament provides evidence that the early Christians understood Jesus to be Yahweh in the flesh as in John 1:14. This identification of Christ with Yahweh’s visible image was fundamental for the worship of Jesus and the confession that He is Lord. Mystical theology involves the phenomena connected with the mystical knowledge of God through acts and experiences or states of the soul that cannot be produced by human application even with the aid of Divine grace. It comprises among its major themes all extraordinary forms of prayer, higher forms of contemplation, personal revelations, visions, and the mystical union as the result of these actions between God and the soul.

Thus, these forms of higher contemplation result in the mystical union that can be characterized as a search for and experience of immediacy with God. Thus, humankind is not content to know about God, but rather humankind seeks for the union with God. This union, or mystical experience, with God means that humankind loses all sense of himself and is absorbed into God as one. This mystical joining, between humankind and God, is an intense state of awareness. Normally, the individual is in a state of ecstasy, especially if the individual is disposed to esoteric phenomena. This phenomena does not qualify. anyone for sainthood and does not indicate any type of spiritual or „miracle. power. It specifically is a union with the soul of humankind and the Absolute. It does imply a metaphysical conception of God and represents a mystical path to attainment with God.

The fundamental aspect of the metaphysics of Christian mysticism are based on Greek rationalistic metaphysics formulated by Plato, and “Christianized. by Plotinus. Thus, God in Greek Hellenistic thought is represented as the “Absolute Reality”, “Perfect Form” with no potential of change and in early Christian thought as the absolute monotheistic God. Mystical union is the transforming experience of the unity of humankind’s soul with the Absolute. This union between humankind’s soul and the Divine Presence represents the highest realm of the mystical union obtained through the contemplative path. Such a union represents the supreme and most genuine elevation of the human soul as it reaches an association with, or at least a living awareness of God.

The mystical association is accompanied by a heightened sense of ecstasy, esoteric, Divine visions, sanctification, peace etc. The framework for the Christian mystical union is the substance of the human nature of Jesus Christ a human being who became the expression of the Word of God through the union of human nature and the Divine. Thus, “the object of worship is the revelation of God in man who is spiritually filled with grace and with the Divine light.”435 435 A Close examination of the concept of mysticism in Jewish literature and the Apostles Paul and John addressing the mystical parallelism primarily in the Mystical Union. -A Thesis Presented To The Faculty Of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Master Of Theological Studies By John S. Urban May 2004

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