An Argument for the Sake of Heaven (part1)

This article is a small part of a very comprehensive argument to church and government against Dominionism and Theocracy in theUS, Christian Reconstruction politics, and the effects on humanity. As an excerpt it is addressed to the appropriate parties religious and secular.

To understand philosophic theocracy beyond being a pipe dream of some isolated extremists and see the major effects on your life today a few things need to be clear, crystal clear.

The language used in the supplied quotes must be viewed as a metaphor for something concrete, and not abstract. Throughout this series of articles I will refer to this example. Soft and hard are only conceptual until you are personally hit in the head with the first brick. Then it is clear.

Whether you are religious or not and view the world around you in a rational way or not, most of the world including theUSis steeped and percolating in religion. In many variegated and nuanced forms it is what shapes and moves the events around you and me.

The extreme example and most frightening is when a particularly aggressive form of it is impressed and imprinted on the ultimate tool of State- The US Military. If it has gone this far it could only have happened if it was forwarded and approved even tacitly by our 3 branches of government.

If this can be shown clearly as well as how, why, and by whom, the entire paradigm of life has been changed. Our world has become a very dangerous place.

First a concept- There are two types of religious practice that work in tandem in our world, conceptual (esoteric/exoteric) and mechanical( which is about building it).

An example in the everyday and on subject would be the weapon from the movie “the Fifth Element”. A general saw it, said he wanted it conceived (esoteric), it was developed (mechanical), and is ready to deploy. Another would be Pat Robertson in his failed presidential bid said he would create what amounted to an esoteric pre-crime unit. That technology has now been developed and is being readied.

Philosophic Theocracy in the American Government and Military

“According to American sociologist Robert Bellah, within the U.S. “there actually exists alongside of and rather clearly differentiated from the churches an elaborate and well-institutionalized civil religion2 in America…this religious dimension-has its own seriousness and integrity and requires the same care in understanding that any other religion does”.[1]

This religion is rooted in the Protestant millennialism brought over with the Puritans from England.[2]Its tenets are rooted in American Exceptionalism; the idea thatAmerica is the new Chosen Nation or newIsrael. It is bulwarked by the concept thatAmerica chosen by God would spread this liberty throughout the world. Then it would enjoy a thousand year reign of religious and civil liberty.

Although Protestant in presentation it recognizes the outward display and practice of all religion agreeing with its tenets.[3]The religion itself over time became and provides the overall orthodoxy. From the days of the Puritans until today, its goals and methodologies have changed reflecting policy. Its overall structure has been built to be in the background of everyday life.

The language of the religion shifted from solely religious to political in text and context[4] but in application it is with fundamentalist religious fervor. Its enemies are always evil. It always presupposes a war of heaven and hell in all its conflicts. Its sole conflict regardless of where in the world is against the forces of evil or godless nations and enemies.

“American evangelical Christianity is the sort of ‘good religion’ Machiavelli calls for. The evangelicals do not quietly accept their destiny, believing instead they are called upon to fight corruption and reestablish virtue.” (p. 159)[5]

The outward façade today is steeped in evangelical post-millennialism in its philosophy. The goal is to build a world to worthy to turn over to a living God. This view because of its nature is very proactive in the sense that it is their work that restores the world to virtue.

Within the context of religious community from the time they are children evangelicals are brought up under specific and tight lines of authority. You are either under the unquestioning authority of another or over others. This militant culture has been written about extensively by writers such as Chris Rhoda of MRFF, Catherine Yurica, Michelle Goldman et al, and needs no citation.

From one part of this group Lou Engles “the Call” we see children are being taught the joys and duties of martyrdom[6]. All of this preparation builds a militant majority national culture whether it is in agreement or dissident.

For an extensive description of this religion which is a major part of another religious whole refer to “The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven.”

The method policy used by government to promote and forward this doctrine is outlined in an article at my blog –’s…the-living-god/

This co-option of the Christian faith and all faith into another and new form has been done with a much focused purpose especially regarding the military. Within the military itself the use of religious fitness tests and the promotion of a martial Jesus Christ is enough evidence to show both its weight and reach within the troop.

Where is this going? Congress is only now catching up through legislation. The new bill on the table now approving perpetual war powers for the president should be called the White Horse Doctrine because it unleashes war against any and all without further discussion or debate needed. After this is approved we are well on the way to forcing the reality of Armageddon on ourselves.

“Only perpetual war can overturn the modern project with its emphasis on self- preservation and creature comforts. [Through war] Life can be politicized once more, and man’s humanity can be restored. This terrifying vision fits perfectly well with the desire for honor and glory that

the neo-conservative gentlemen covet. The combination of religion and nationalism is the elixir that Strauss advocates as the way to turn natural, relaxed, hedonistic men into devout nationalists willing to fight and die for their God and country.”

This construct is what unites neo-conservatives and neo-liberals under a rigid orthodoxy. The orthodoxy was supplied by the philosopher Leo Strauss and forwarded by Michael Ledeen. According to this view the American people themselves have grown decadent and slothful in prosperity and must be purified through suffering.

The following quotes when viewed as metaphor and weighed against military policy, enhanced military capability as well as the desired direction directly parallel the military doctrine theUShas developed and now uses.

“Tommy Hicks had a prophecy where he claimed to have seen in a vision on July 25, 1961, that there would be a great anointed miracle army about to burst on the scene, healing multitudes and invulnerable to bullets and death. This unstoppable army would be miraculously transported from place to place. This is clearly Manifest Sons of God teaching. Hick’s is making a rare occurrence with Philip a normal miracle for the Church. How does one get out of such a vision that has had not been fulfilled over the course of 40 years? The excuse is: It’s dependent on us, if it has not happened we are just not ready.
The whole impetus of this movement is dependent on man and the Church to over come and enforce Christ’s rule on the world. And to call Him back when they are ready.”

Bill Hamon says: “At that time the sons of God will be fully manifested on the earth. Widespread spiritual warfare will result with the Sons of God doing battle with Satan and company, the non-Christian nations of this world will also be defeated. Once the earth has been subdued, Jesus will come back to earth and be given the Kingdom that has been won for Him by this “manchild company.” (Prophets and the Prophetic Movement Bill Hamon).The Manifested Sons of God doctrine teaches that these immortal sons will be sinless, having partaken of the divine nature. They will have every right to be called gods and will be called gods.”

Francis Frangipane: “All spiritual warfare is waged over one essential question: who will control reality on earth – heaven or hell? … We must see that our prayers, attitudes and agreement with God as an integral Part of establishing the reality of thekingdomofGodon earth!” (Mainstream. Spring 1994, p. 10.)

“The Church is the feet of Jesus. God promised Jesus ‘I will train your feet, and use them to tread down and crush your enemies.” (Francis Frangipane, Charisma magazine July 1993)”

“Jack Deere speaks of an invincible army. He says, “…they won’t be able to kill this army.” John Wimber also stated, “those in this army will have the ‘kind of anointing … his kind of power … anyone who wants to harm them must die”.

All of these quotes were taken from “Let Us Reason Ministries” inc. Clustered together they certainly add teeth to “spiritual warfare”.

I argue vehemently against these things. There is and never has been a moral government on this planet. The best we can hope for is amoral or neutral, and what we have continually is immoral and decadent instead. These issues are seen very clearly across the world today as we increase our military footprint across the globe.

Historically however it is not without precedent. When the Vandals attackedGreecethey destroyed all the Iconography (they were Arian Christian) and hence we have the word vandalism.

The Knights Templar and the Crusaders remembered nobly in their skirmishes with Salaadin. Their inheritors are remembered today by both Jews and Muslims alike as the ones who turned the city of  Jerusalem’s sewer piping to dump on and in MountMariYah. “The Muslim historian Mujir al-Din, reporting when ‘Umar reached the old ruined gates of the Temple, he was horrified to see the filth and excrement, “which was then all about the holy sanctuary, had settled on the steps of the gates so that it
even came out into the streets in which the gate opened”. He claimed that they called Anastasis al-Qumamah, “the Dungheap,” in retaliation for the policy of the Christians on the Temple Mount9.”
Although not known by most Christians when we bring up theTemple in “mixed” company it is one of the first things that come to their mind.

 “Genghis Khan had called himself “The Scourge of God,” believing, as his great seal declared him to be, “The power of God on Earth; the Emperor of Mankind.” In spite of his frightful behavior towards his
fellow men, he constantly affirmed that he believed in one God whose will he was carrying out. His yasa or code of laws regulating Mongol life began with the statement: “It is ordered to believe that there is only one God, creator of heaven and earth, who alone gives life and death, riches and poverty as pleasures Him-and who has over everything an absolute power.”

The influence of the Christianity of the Keraits, Genghis’ strongest tribe, is without a doubt apparent in this statement with its witness to the sovereign God of creation and providence. The next rule of the yasa shows his sense of religious toleration, a mark of all the Khans. “Leaders of a religion, preachers, monks, persons who are dedicated to religious practice, the criers of mosques, physicians and undertakers are to be freed from public taxes and charges.10”

Ghengis Khan sent 20,000 cavalry to attackRussia. They were engaged by an army 80,000 strong and crushed them. The feat has no equal in military history. This Khan was only stopped by the request of Pope Leo who it seems he respected.

In short Christian Armies have not fared well throughout history. The largest use has traditionally been “Christian to Christian” hostilities. This is also what you seem to be proposing. Have we learned nothing in two thousand years? I ask you if God rains on the just and unjust alike [He sends His Blessings on all], and” He so loved the world He sent His only Begotten Son” for us, whom did not the Apostle say were at enmity with God?-
If we propose Imperialism and impose our own “Sharia” i.e. every knee will bow “or else”, do we honor God? We were not born Christian, we are born-again. The imposition of martial force negates the validity of the new birth from that point on. Is coercion to be viewed as conversion? [See chapter Civil Affairs]

In the next articles I will show first where this is going very graphically, and then this religions true face with regard to government involvement.

.Excerpts from “the Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven

 9 The Persian conquest of Jerusalemin 614CE compared with Islamic conquest of 638CE. Its Messianic nature
and the role of the Jewish Exilarch By Ben Abrahamson and Joseph Katz

 10 BY FOOT TO CHINAMissionof The Church of the East, to 1400 By John M. L. Young Chairman Japan
Presbyterian Mission Missionary ofMission to the World of the Presbyterian Church inAmerica

[1]  Strategic Implications of American Millennialism A Monograph by MAJOR Brian L. StuckertU.S. Army

[2] TheChosen Nation: The Influence of Religion on US Policy by John B. Judis

[3] Rousseau coined the term ‘civil religion’ in chapter 8, book 4 of The Social Contract. Rousseau asserted that civil religion was common agreement on the existence of God, the life to come, the reward of virtue and the punishment of vice, and the exclusion of religious intolerance. All other religious opinions are outside the cognizance of the state and may be freely held by citizens 

[4] D’Annunzio offers us the possibility of viewing the fusion of „religious”and „political” themes … The radicalization of the masses in the twentieth century … could not have succeeded without the blending of the „sacred” with the „profane.” The timeless symbols that have always inspired men and women to risk their lives for higher ideals had necessarily to be transferred from a religious context into a secular liturgy

if modern political leaders were to achieve the tremendous control over their followers’ emotions that they have acquired- Ledeen, The First Duce, p. 202. See Michael A. Ledeen, Universal Fascism: The

Theory and Practice of the Fascist International, 1928–1936 (New York: H. Fertig,

[5] Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli’s Iron Rules Are as Timely and Important Today as Five Centuries Ago. (Truman Talley Books (St. Martin’s Press), 1999.) For quick reference- Yurica Report 4/07/2005 Everything You Need to Know about Michael Ledeen

[6] The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven- chapter; The Fires of Molech and theTemple ofGod

  1. LindaNY says:

    Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever the case may be, I concur with both your premise and your conclusions.

    The underlying consequences of the “religion” of the Military Industrial Complex and/or the Evangelical War Mongering Maniacs are devastating to the wary while the unwary remain clueless. It is as if they are trying to escalate the beginning of the end.

    In the US, we are painfully aware of the evil around us and yet, we feel helpless to do anything about it. This air of helplessness is what allows evil to pervasively continue and flourish IMHO. When war is justified and heralded by the masses as honorable service, we are doomed to sacrificing our sons and daughters unceasingly and unknowingly accepting it as a consequence of their service.

    We celebrated in the streets when we “won” WWII and yet at the same time, we were unaware of what this war cost us in lives lost on both sides. We were told it was honorable to serve, kill, and die in defense of the homeland, and we believed it. We even believed our homeland was attacked to justify going to war. For God and country, we fought to our last breath. We were told this was the war to end all wars…sure it was! In five short years, we were fighting in Korea, then off to Vietnam, and onto the first and second Gulf Wars engineered by the same family. Now, we are fighting on three fronts all at the same time. When will we stop supporting the war effort, mentality, and religious fervor for God and country?

    When will we ever learn?

    Thank you for listening!

    Peace Be With You…

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