The Military’s enhanced Utility of the Living God

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Injustice, The 4 Horsemen and the 4 Extinctions, The Days of Rage
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What if the government could co-opt religion openly in plain view without your knowledge. This article shows proofs the govenment subversion of religion. Its intent is to describe how it is done and the changes to all faiths.

The role of the military is and has always revolved around their internal definition. They break things and kill people. The role of the term “Utility” defines the usability and capability of assets to complete this work. Enhancing or enhanced utility is increasing the capability of the asset or unit for a greater application on missions. A clear example of this was the advent of night-vision. It enhanced the utility of military units exponentially, and gave a clear advantage.

They are the ultimate tool of State for its defense, and interests, and the true morality of the military is defined by and in their highest officer, the Commander in Chief. It is the president who is ultimately responsible for rules of engagement and martial conduct. It is the military that will reflect what the president’s conscience will allow or demand.

What is the Military’s Utility Assessment of a Living GOD?

In my book “The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven”, the chapter “Politic is our Religion” shows in detail that this type of enterprise starts as a purely political devise. Its effectiveness and reasons for its eventual overspill to the entire general public is not debatable. History inarguably shows the changes politicians have made to all religion and never for the better. This is the inherent danger which will be made clear in the following paragraphs.

If an officer is ordered to define the military utility of God, the officer will have no choice but to ponder what will keep his assets, his people alive and functional to the best of his ability. His largest consideration at the National Security and policy level will be the enhancement of military utility.

Within the normative majority of the US, the predominant religion is an overall nominative Christianity with much variegation.

To achieve his purpose in developing a military definition of “utility”, the Living GOD must be seen as a martial God and in agreement with current military philosophy.

Philosophically this would be strains that would allow or promote “a righteous militancy”[1]. These belief sets would wrap around “we are righteous and the enemy is always evil”. God is on our side in every conflict, which negates fear and infuses courage in a holy warrior climate some now promote. Within this is instilled the stoic resolve needed to complete the mission at all cost. All things done to its achievement are not just permissible, but moral and godly. Strains that do not produce these results decrease effectiveness and must be at the least discouraged and an overall inclusive culture promoted within ranks.

According to the report dated 2008 Strategic Implications of American Millennialism -A Monograph by MAJOR Brian L. Stuckert U.S. Army: Pre-millennialist Christianity is a danger to the country and its future.

His reasoning from pg. 60- As a result of millenarian influences on our culture, most Americans think as absolutists. A proclivity for clear differentiations between good, evil, right, and wrong do not always serve us well in foreign relations or security policy.”

Before going further it is necessary to show the import of reports such as this. In 2010 the military reported to the presidency that overweight children were a “threat to national security”. Policy was immediately established to curtail the fitness problem. Who would argue that a child eating better quality food is not good?

Major Stuckert’s report on page 59 is clear on his conclusions that millennialism has the “predisposition toward pessimism in world affairs and a general worsening of international relations.”

The report itself does cover different variations of millennialism but its focus remains on those who believe in the return of our Christ to redeem us. Major Stuckert is also aware of the class divisions of religion. Heavily documented in my book the tiers of religion are shown and the religion designed for leadership is both documented and dissected. This great civil religion carries across the 6 major religions of the world and is in a post-modernist philosophic model. In the US, for its local view “American exceptionalism” is actually a tenet.

It is understood even by Major Stuckert as a heavily religious statement set in a philosophic model. While according to the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment there is a separation, the undergirding philosophy is used to promote the National Civil Religion and in wide-ranging policy over time. Major Stuckert while touching on this demonstrates a failure in scholarship in his reports use of repetitive phrases. Instead of exploring different facets by their use it becomes a propaganda piece. Its defined intent is the coercion and cooption of the Christian Faith to be funneled into a particular mold and enhance the Military Utility of the Living GOD.

In “The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven” I present twenty two pages of Arguments up front and documented against the abuse of our Faith to these ends. There are over three hundred pages documenting the same types of changes historically as well as the ones currently under way by among others, politicians to political ends.

“In 2002, Reps. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), Tony P. Hall (D-Ohio) and Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan on a fact-finding congressional trip, meeting with the leaders of both Muslim countries. According to Pitts, “The first thing we did when we met with [Afghan] President Karzai and [then Pakistan] President Musharraf was to say, ‘We’re here officially representing the Congress; we’ll report back to the speaker, our leaders, our committees, our government. But we’re here also because we’re best friends…. We’re members of the same prayer group.[2]

Politicians are normal people like you and me. Most take the responsibility of office honorably. They like us are subjected to a peer pressure and in a very well documented position I prove out that they are introduced to an overall religion inclusive of the exclusive monotheisms. Religion viewed at that level is not equal, not similar, but same. I have opened this religion up from the inside out in the chapters dealing with it for all to view.

This religion is not exclusive to government but is at the heart of corporate life and scientific exploration. In science its base is mechanical philosophy. This again is very well documented.

For Christianity recently the spillover turned to a debate over the moral use of torture, and the stripping of human rights from prisoners.

For Christianity this turned into debate over the ethical and “godly” use of assassination. The shame is that it is leaders who describe a “In GOD we trust” faith, Christian leaders.

For Christianity this has turned peoples who have been wronged and victimized into petty criminals who must pay the way for the predators to return and take yet more.

“Our” theologians talk openly about suppressing different parts of Scripture they are now uncomfortable with.

As shown in my book this is not the first time these things have been done. The same methodology is always used and always effective. I have laid it out in detail and show its repeated historical use.

What is unequivocal within the politic of the Bush administrations evils, and the religious philosophy present in the military is the conclusion millennialists present a much greater threat to security than a bunch of “chubby kids”.

On page 2 of his report “First, millennial thought and its policy implications may create strategic transparency that affords adversaries an advantage in decision-making. Second, an understanding of American millennial thinking may provide adversaries with the means to manipulate American policy and subsequent action. Third, the enemy may exploit American millennialism to increase the fragility of and even disrupt coalitions. Fourth, adversaries may exploit American millennialism to demoralize or terrorize joint forces and the American people. By recognizing these potential vulnerabilities, military leaders and planners may take action now to mitigate the effects.”

What action, what mitigation is possible? When the report was made public many spoke up but only seeing the smaller view: My rights of “free speech” are infringed upon. Most saw it as a slap in the face but have failed to define why, knowing only that the leaders of the troops they support (their own children) had assaulted them.

What action, what mitigation is possible? The reality of bringing about fundamental changes to the core of religion as it is known. This is written understanding the gravity of it and the proofs needed to be supplied and are in “The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven”. In the appendices the radical changes to all religion through time are shown at the hands of philosophers and politicians. This should be a concern to Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Furthering this is the MIAC Report and various Homeland Security Reports which are policy reports. These reports were about “action and mitigation of National Security issues”.

The introduction or use of religious doctrine is as always done through its underlying philosophy which unlike doctrine is used to undergird policy and as action policy or regulation.

The net result is through marginalization religion may be effected by policy and within a relatively short timeframe changed to line up with the civil religious philosophy.

A good indicator of this is before GW Bush no religious leader who advocated torture or assassination could be considered credible and was possibly heretic.

How does this spill over into policy?

When the much lauded “Hate Crimes” bill was passed and the new set of definitions adopted a funny thing happened. We who hold the ancient view that our Great King will return, among others, were marginalized. Instead of conversation or debate as is customary in an open society, this was done stealthily by the philosopher who has stated our kind must be “robustly confronted”. Instead of an honest hearing we have been relegated to the fringe as extremist with those like Judas Iscariot who would move the Hand of God.

What this means is if 1000 of us are in a room, one of us may have a firecracker, so we are all assumed guilty.  According to his report “Strategic Implications of American Millennialism -A Monograph by MAJOR Brian L. Stuckert U.S. Army”, we (our beliefs among others) are a danger to the country and its future.

What does this mean to you? If the above example is seen a perspective can be made.

The report states that one half of the country holds these beliefs and must be dealt with on that basis.

If the population is 300 million and 150 million are possibly heretic to the civil religion according to the underlying philosophic bent we are protected from ourselves through policy and regulation by advanced pat-down procedures among other things. The Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment is never touched, never in question.

How and why was this done?

“Can we say any more without a smile that whether conservative or liberal in view Government does not affect the religions that we practice? This is only a natural product of men of faith effecting the government with their religion.

In April 2009 Pastor Brian McLaren a leader in the Emergent Church movement, stated in an article for Sojourners Magazine that Christians who hold a “millennial view” of the return of Jesus Christ are distorted and likens a dispensational view to racism. He also states he has come to realize it is morally and ethically harmful. Pastor McLaren like many other religious philosophers seeks to change the face of the faith to what he sees as a more transcendent and activist model. His view is post millennial, which is shown in his own remarks.

While the “millennialist” he speaks of specifically is the type of person who wishes to start “holy war”, in doing so he is marginalizing many who are honest in their faith, holding an ancient view that the world will not improve, despite our efforts.

To this end in 2009 he was an adviser in crafting HR 1913, otherwise known as the “Hate-crimes Bill”, which incidentally was passed into law in the USA. With this came a new set of definitions of those that would perpetrate a “hate- crime”, of which the millennialist is now included. Now the person actively engaged in trying to move the Hand of God and the person who simply holds the ancient view of the end-times are lumped together and effectively marginalized by law.

This can only be viewed as religion by legislation. Eventually it will have the same effect as the 12th Blessing at the inception of Judaism. The Faith once again will change over time at the hands of the philosopher. “-The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven- GH Eliason

When Christian leaders can openly call for assassination and uphold torture they tip their hand. They pay homage to the civil religion and not the King of Peace whose language they have learned to parrot.

When Christian leaders will not hold up the hands of the weak and the broken they do the same.

Mr. Mclaren, if you are honest, study my argument. I have not only laid out your regurgitation of neoplatonics and post-modernism but show its end also. There is nothing new in your reconstitution of it. Take up my argument sir, you have no honest answer for it.

Major Stuckert if you peruse my argument, putting your prejudice aside you will unequivocally see that because of your work and your great fear, a philosophic form of dominionist theocracy is set up in real time. Every marker is there. Everything your report touches on is now set up from a twisted aspect of the concept of Tikkun, and those who wish our harm will thank you. Welcome to the last days as our Apostles spoke of them.

I am no longer content with being considered a heretic to the civil religion. I am not the infidel, who by stealth or lies makes change, nor a reprobate who will violently oppose my own people.

I am the Apostate to this uncivil religion.

[1] See any of MRFF/ Michael Weinstein’s papers on subject

[2] Wikepedia- Quoted to show context

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